WiP Wed (07/15/20)

WiP Wed (07/15/20)

What is today? Is it Wednesday? Let’s pretend as if it is, even if it’s not. It feels like Friday of next week, to be honest. But I’m pretty sure it’s Wednesday.

In ceramics, my obsession with fixing the WTF mugs is finally paying off - I’ll have some to list tomorrow, and more next week. However, I’m traveling again for a little while next week (gone Tuesday through Thursday again) so I don’t want to list too many of them right before I go away, in case people have questions.

In soap, I’m making a list of what needs to be restocked, and the list isn’t as long as I thought it would be, so… how do y’all feel about maybe some new fragrances? Just to try out? I’ve been searching for a replacement for Mountain Man, so I might make some small batches of a few things to see how the fragrances smell in finished soap. Sometimes it smells different than how it smells in the bottle - talk about magic! Er, science. Whichever!

In yarn, I’m dying restocks in Ranger Baby, Purple Rain, Sock Monkey, Seaworthy, and Why the Sea is Salt… even though we’re not having a lot of rain right now, it’s humid as all get-out. So I’m not sure if it will all dry in time for me to get it wound before I go away next week. Florida weather is so crazy!

In HaldeCrate, I’m finalizing what I’m going to do for the August Crate. It’s going to be a revisit to Cherry Bomb, but since August is just around the corner and I’m planning on going out of town a couple of times between now and then, it’s not going to be a very big crate this time. Probably just one set of nesting dishes and a yarn. Perhaps either a small octagonal plate, or a whiskey cup, I’m not sure which (I need some time to play at the clay table).

In Patreon, I’m getting ready for the Discord Chat this weekend, as well as a Patron-only blog post… and I’m working on the next chapter, a Noelle chapter that I keep putting off because Mae is the one who really wants to be written about right now. I feel a little bad for Noelle! It’s not that I don’t want to write about her, it’s just that… Mae is being incredibly insistent. Which is kind of funny, since I had been planning on killing her off. Instead, I’m going to give her a bit of Noelle’s eventual story, which is adding a whole lot to her arc that wasn’t even there before - and yet I’m obsessed with thinking/learning/writing about it. And it means Noelle’s story will be changing just a little (but not for a while) so I’m contemplating how to figure that, as well.

In knitting, I’ve got an entrelac scarf on the needles right now, in limited edition colorway Too Much Quarantini. I love how it’s working up! Did I say scarf? It’s probably going to be more of a wide, thick cowl, that should be just long enough to double over on itself. Like a mobius strip.

In other things… the community springing up in the HaldeCult Facebook group is humbling to me, y’all. HUMBLING. How do I know so many generous, amazing, wonderful people??? And I get to watch all y’all get to know each other, and already supporting each other even though many of you are just meeting, and… it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Thank you for showing such joy and shining such light right now, y’all. <3 p="">

And that’s about it for me this week. Things are going a little slowly, more slowly than I’d like, and a lot of it is from those mugs that were cracking. I refused to give up even though it took me like two months to figure out what was wrong… but now that I’ve got it figured out, I can work on color combinations and y’all can get some kick-ass mugs soon!


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