WiP Wed (07/17/19)

WiP Wed (07/17/19)

Shhh, don't tell my boss, but I'm sneaking off today to do down and visit my mom; I want to see in person the amazing quilts she's working on, have a glass of her homemade wine while looking over her wild and lively back yard, and eat some good homemade lasagna. I have set some social media to post throughout the day so it'll look like I'm around, but I'm really playing hooky. And frustratingly, for the fourth time I've started this blog post, and gotten to almost the end and Chrome has done this wonky sudden reload thing and I've lost everything I've written. I've now switched to writing this in Notepad instead but I don't have time to type everything up a fourth time - it's about time for me to get on the road and go have An Adventure! 


But I'd love to come home at the end of the day and hear from you! So tell me how your week is going! Anything frustrating you at work? Any projects you've hit a snag with, or are singing along beautifully with? How's your week? Your month? Your summer? Is school about to start again for you or your kids or grandkids? Watching anything good on TV? Tell me about the little things that make up your day! 

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