WiP Wed (07/24/19)

WiP Wed (07/24/19)

This week is a curious mix of "all of the things" and "none of the things" - I spent both Monday and Tuesday in Gainesville, running errands and catching up with friends. For some reason today feels like a weekend day, which makes ZERO sense.

Mostly this week I am about ceramics and yarn.

I'm playing with bee mug designs, none of which (out of three) I am 100% happy with. I like little bits of all three but nothing is really saying to me I AM THE ONE. I am, however, over the moon with my incense burners! Must make ALL THE INCENSE BURNERS.

I have so much yarn to wind right now... more One Hit Wonders, a new colorway I'm not happy with, and pre-orders for the Cats & Dogs HaldeCrate.

Not much is going on in soap; I have some to wrap but feel like I should get that yarn done, first.

In Patreon, I'm switching things up a little as far as Patron-only posts go... I'm also adding some new free posts over there, a look back at 12 years ago when Sharon and Ginger and I opened the yarn store. And I'm trying to focus enough to edit Chapter 12, but I keep getting sidetracked by sparkly things!

In knitting, I have the heels and cuffs to go on those toe-up stockinette socks I was doing in the upcoming HaldeCrate colorway. I can't wait to finish them and get them on my feetsies!

So. What about y'all? What are you up to this week? Are you as distracted as I am? SQUIRREL!

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