WiP Wed (08/05/20)

WiP Wed (08/05/20)

Here we are, at another Wednesday! Didn’t we just have one of those? It’s almost like the days of the week just… repeat themselves. ( shifty eyes )


In ceramics, I test fired the kiln Sunday with a bisque fire (everything went well, no error codes). All my parts got here earlier than expected, so Saturday we switched out the relays and the thermocouple. Yesterday I test fired some glazed pieces, but the kiln is still to warm for me to open so I don’t know for sure how they turned out yet. Cross your fingers…! If everything went well, I should have some good restock firings over about the next week. Expect mugs, flamingo planters, a few things that have been out of stock for a while, and a couple of new things that will probably be filed under “This Week Only” since I was just playing around with designs and glaze colors and don’t really plan to repeat any of those.

In soap, I know I keep saying I have a list of restocks, but I just haven’t had time to start making yet. I might not have time for a couple of weeks, too, because I’m stated to dye some yarn next week. Fortunately I did just restock a lot, so there’s not much to do outside of the upcoming September colorway… so maybe if I just do that, then I can clear off that space and start making soap by about Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

In yarn, uhm, I pretty much said it all in that paragraph about the soap. I’m getting ready to dye Septembers colorway, and I just restocked a handful of colors and included some Nagata and Jemisin in colors that hadn’t caught up yet.

In HaldeCrate, I’ve rewound the colorway for August (coming in a couple of weeks) and that’s about all on the Cherry Bomb front this week.

In Patreon, I put up a chapter last Sunday, am working on the August Bonus Chapter (coming August 16th), and two weeks after that will be the regular August Chapter (August 30th). Today I’m also mailing out the August ceramics, to patrons in that tier, and am playing around with photos to find the perfect August postcard.

In knitting, not a thing is going on. Where has my knitting mojo run off to?!

That’s about it for me this week… what about you? What are you working on? What are you struggling to finish? Or for that matter, what are you struggling to start?!

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