WiP Wed (08/19/20)

WiP Wed (08/19/20)

I wound up traveling last week, hence no Wednesday post this time last week, and this week has been catching up on everything. EVERYTHING! Let’s get to it!

Ceramics is my focus this week. I’ve been firing Big Geek every other day, and if I can keep doing that for about another week to ten days, I’ll start feeling caught up. I had some purple WTF mugs last Friday, and plan to have some blue ones this Friday (the 21st), some yellow ones the Friday after that (the 28th), some green ones the week after that (the 4th), and some more purple ones the week after that (the 11th). Knock on wood, y’all! I’m working on a slightly lighter blue, green, and purple so that the decal shows up more. I should also have some more flamingo planters and some mermaid planters within a couple of days. I’ve also been working on restocking the other decal mugs - the Fuck Cancer ones, the Louisa May Alcott ones, and in another week or two I should have the MFM ones restocked as well.

In soap, I’ve been too busy with ceramics to work on soap, but I did place an order for some new fragrances the other day and as soon as they come in, I’ll get on making those and the restocks. Hopefully I’ll be caught up on ceramics by then, anyway, and won’t feel so pulled in different directions. And I can’t wait to tell y’all about the new fragrances! I just ordered an ounce of each, enough to make maybe six soaps of each one, so y’all will have to give me feedback on which ones you’d like to see become permanent fragrances. Half of what I ordered are masculine scents, as I’m looking for a good Mountain Man replacement, and the others are more herbal as I’ve had a request for a good mint. Everything should come in and I’ll probably have time to start making soap in about two more weeks.

In yarn, I’m getting ready to release a new limited colorway this Friday, as part of the Cherry Bomb Collection. And I have next month’s yarn dyed, a new permanent colorway, but need to rewind it all (it was still drying when I went out of town last week and while it’s been humid, it hasn’t been THAT humid, and it’s all dry now).

In HaldeCrate, this Friday will see the release of a new ceramic piece and a new yarn in Cherry Bomb. The ceramic pieces are a set of nesting dishes, and the yarn will be called “Your Wild Girl”. Stay tuned for Friday for more!

In Patreon, last Sunday I put up a new bonus chapter, another in the Sage and Dev storyline. Now I’m finishing up another Noelle chapter, and I need to go over my notes but I think that will bring everyone up to the same point in the timeline. The next two Sundays will be blog posts, and the Noelle chapter will go up the first Sunday in September. Let’s see… anything else? I’m getting ready to mail out the August yarn, for the people in the yarn tiers… ceramics and postcards have already gone out.

In knitting, while I was in Orlando last week, watching lots of TV (season one of The Umbrella Academy, season four of Schitt’s Creek, the first couple episodes of Fleabag (I’ll definitely be coming back to that one!), and a couple of Disney/Pixar movies — the Toy Story with the fork (four?) and the one with the emotions (Inside Out?)… I’m terrible with names). ANYWAY. My point is that I remembered to bring my knitting this time, and I probably got a good eight to ten inches done on the entrelac cowl I’m working on.

That’s about it for me. I’m also trying to get back into reliable treadmill time in the mornings, so I’m about to sign off on this and go do that. I know a lot of my friends have been using this pandemic time at home to eat better and exercise more, and while I’d love to be that person, I have not been. And I’m ready to get back to that - to moving more, to making good eating choices, to putting myself and time on the treadmill first in the morning instead of running right over to the studio after coffee.

What about you? How’s your week? What are you working on, want to be working on, avoiding working on? Tell me how you’re doing!

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