WiP Wed (08/28/19)

WiP Wed (08/28/19)

Hey, all! How are you doing this week? How's your week going?

I'm mostly about ceramics this week.... painting, glazing, slab-rolling, and planning and plotting. Not too much I can really talk about that's coming up, but... soon! Soooooon!

In soap, I have some that needs to be wrapped, as soon as I have a minute. And I'm working on that soap for the Fiber-In, as well.

In yarn, I'm working on dyeing the last of the One Hit Wonders that I'll be bringing to Fiber-In, and I'm about to release a new colorway in another week or so.

In knitting, I'm halfway through a new pair of socks - I found some socks I'd started in the Coconut Cream colorway, couldn't figure out what pattern I was using, so I ripped them out and started over with a new pattern. I'm about at the heel for both of them.

In HaldeCrate, I'm getting ready to tell y'all about the next Crate, which will be coming out in mid-November. I wish I could tell you now - I'm having so much fun with it! But next week. Like I said up there about ceramics... soooooooon!

In Patreon, I just finished polishing up the chapter for next week, which is ending in such a way that I'm able to just keep flowing right on into the chapter after that (which is awesome for my writing but might leave the reader on a bit of a cliffhanger).

And that's about it for me this week. What about y'all? What are you working on? Doing? Reading? Crafting? Eating? Making?

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