WiP Wed (09/23/20)

WiP Wed (09/23/20)

Whoo, what a week. Troublesome gave me a bit of a scare yesterday; apparently he got in a fight with something, some time between 10 PM on Monday and 8 AM on Tuesday. I knew he was acting weird (sleeping really heavily and not coming to me when I called) but I didn’t realize how weird until he finally came down low enough from the shelves he was on, and then he growled at me when I picked him up. He has *never* growled at me before, so I rushed him off to an emergency vet visit (after losing Wilder the other week, and how Socks keeps running off for a week at a time, I was not going to take any chances). He’s been bitten a few times on the inside of his left front leg, but the vet shaved the leg, cleaned the wounds, and gave him heavy duty antibiotics and painkillers. Now he is being an Inside Boy for a week or so while he recovers. The big brave stupid boy (he talks a good game but he is NOT a quality fighter). We don’t know what/who he fought with, but my first worry of a pygmy rattlesnake has been crossed off the list. The vet says they are cat bites, and I’m inclined to believe that a vet knows what a cat bite looks like. Anyway, that kind of threw off my work day yesterday, so I’m trying to double down and catch up on things today.

In ceramics, well, I was hoping to have a ton of new things for the Colorful Collection by October 1st, but once again bit off more than I could chew, and instead of like, a hundred new things, I’m going to have fifty new things. But I can not WAIT to show you what they are!!!

In soap, I finally got my supply order and can get back to making restocks, so expect those to start showing up in the store next week. Also, if you’ve tried any of the new limited edition fragrances, now would be a good time to tell me what you think! I need to place a fragrance order soon, so plan on using that to add in whatever of those was the most popular (Cucumber Mint, I’m looking at you).

In yarn, Friday saw the release of new colorway Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows. Just like 2016 saw a handful of David Bowie inspired colorways as I dealt with his death, I’ll be brining in some John Prine inspired colorways over the next few months. I know, yes, I like both David Bowie and John Prine. People contain multitudes. ;-)

In HaldeCrate, I did decide not to revisit Snow Flurries this November. I just feel that anything I did right now would not be the best I could do, and that I’m looking at a choice between saying “no” to one thing, or doing two things and neither of those two things will come out as well as they could if I focused on only one. I do plan on doing something with Under the Sea next March, and something with Cherry Bomb in July of next year. Then Snow Flurries will have a resurfacing in November of 2021.

In Patreon, I’m behind in my Sunday posts (I was traveling last Sunday and still haven’t caught up with everything) but I’ll be caught up by the end of the week. Now is a great time to join my Patreon campaign — you can sign up now and get access to Patreon posts, but you won’t actually get charged until about October 2nd. It’s a good way to get kind of a sneak peek, “ten day free trial” sort of thing.

In knitting, I am almost done with a pair of socks in Scruffy-Looking Nerf-Herder. Then I think I want to start a pair in Salted Caramel. I knit a pair in that before, and have worn them out, but I just love that colorway so much. I need another pair! Something complicated and cabled, I think. I always love complicated cable knits on a solid color.

In other things… that’s about it. I’m going to be traveling again next week, and will be out of the studio Tues-Thurs, 9/29-10/1. I know I’ve been taking a lot of time off lately (considering I, like, never take any time off) but I have family a couple hours south who need me. Which is also why I’m such a stickler for isolating myself when I am home - my friend is immuno-compromised and I do not in any way want to bring anything down to him while he’s fighting this battle. So I isolate, and then go down there every couple of weeks to help out, spend time with my goddessdaughters/nieces, and smother my brother/friend with good food and fussy mama-bear mothering. Also they’re showing me tons of TV that I never have time to watch when I’m home working, which means that I’m catching up on Disney movies, shows like Schitt’s Creek and Fleabag, testing the waters of Archer (no thanks) and 30 Rock (on board). And some deeply weird Australian comedies that I’m still kind of on the fence on.

That’s about it for me… what about y’all? What are you working on this week? How’s your week going? Are you settling into a new school routine? Is the weather changing where you are? I call the weather we’re having right now, Fall Beta. It seems like it’s going to start getting colder, it’s getting down into the 60s at night, but I also feel like Florida is just teasing us and it’ll get hot again soon. Ugh. Anyway! Tell me about your week!

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