WiP Wed (10/02/19)

WiP Wed (10/02/19)

Honestly this week mostly what I feel I've worked on is ... getting ready for work. I've staged a lot of things (bisque I want to get glazed and fired over the next month)... I've planned a lot of things (slab-rolled pieces I need to get made over the next month, and bisque fired)... I've wrapped some soap and thought about where soap is and how it's doing... I've sorted through all the One Hit Wonders and have at least six weeks worth of piles... and by the end of the week I really need to get started on my quarterly sales tax (note to self: don't forget that, it's really important).

In ceramics, I'm showing off pictures of things I got done either right before Fiber-In or after, while I was on Staycation. So many colorful things came out of the kiln in September! And some of them sold at Fiber-In, which means I get to make more things! Yay! And I am almost completely out of white clay, so I need to get up to Atlantic Pottery Supply some time very soon, within the next week if possible. I have HaldeCrate ceramics to make!

Speaking of HaldeCrate, stay tuned tomorrow for a blog post with updated product photos - y'all are going to love this color! And I just got the fragrances and flavoring in for the soap/hand lotion/lip balm, and y'all. Y'ALL. It's going to be hard for me not to make a few dozen extras to hoard for myself!

In soap, I have a small update this week and will have a small update next week, plus the Triple Butter soap that came back from Fiber-In. I may or may not make more of that for GLAM in December... depends on the feedback I get from people who have been using it!

In yarn, so many One Hit Wonders, y'all. SO MANY.

In knitting, I've ripped out my Summer Storms socks - they turned out too small after the heel turn, sigh - and I'm waiting for another pattern to strike my fancy. Meanwhile I've also cast on a simple stockinette pair for passenger knitting in the car, and I'm almost done with my last simple stockinette pair (just the heels and cuffs to go).

In Patreon, last Sunday saw a bonus chapter, the first part of a two-parter introducing a host of new characters... yesterday I posted a small video, almost every day of my September 1.5 seconds at a time... and this coming Sunday will see a new chapter in which Paloma and Stellan will finally reveal what they've been through. FINALLY! Haha. Hey, did you know that any time you join in over on Patreon, that you can read everything I've written so far? You don't get started at just this month - you get immediate access to everything that's come before, so you can start reading from the beginning at any time. And if you also like special yarns dyed just for you, or ceramics that you can keep and gloat over or give as gifts, or even just love you a real actual physical post card delivered to you in the mail, there are all kinds of levels, from $1 to $100.

In other things... let's see... I've listed the hand lotion... I've snuggled all the Studio Boys (although two of them will tell you I have not, in fact, given them enough snuggles and could I please take another day off just to pay attention to cats)... I need to weigh and measure the tortoises to compare to this time last year... and I've been working on cleaning up the studio from the pre-Fiber-In whirlwind. After all, I have GLAM to get ready for in about two months! There's no time to waste!

And... I think that's all, folks. I feel like I missed out on y'all's September... tell me what you've been up to! What have I missed in your lives?

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