WiP Wed (11/06/19)

WiP Wed (11/06/19)

This week I just about have a permanent finger-swipe of clay on the upper outside right part of my glasses… I take them off to work on detail work - I’m nearsighted so my glasses are better for things more than about six feet away from me - but then every time I need to walk across the room I have to put them back on, and I’m usually elbow-deep in clay at the time. Also I’ll forget and scratch my face or something and then go to the post office looking like a crazy lady. Haha! Anyway.

In ceramics, I’m working on the last few pieces of the Snow Flurries HaldeCrate. Everything is going to have to go in the same kiln firing, and I’m a little worried about explosions - I mean, this would be the perfectly worst time for one piece to explode and take out an entire kiln. Haha. Hahahahaha. Haha. LET’S NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT.

In soap, I’m still working on a large custom order, and that’s about it in soap this week.

In yarn, I’m getting ready to dye the yarn for the Snow Flurries Crate - I can’t dye yarn until I’m done making soap. And I’m planning out some things for next year in regards to new colorways and colorways that might need to be retired in order to make way for the new ones.

In HaldeCrate, as I said above, that’s my focus for the week. I’m finishing up everything and also starting to plan out the next Crate, which will be in February. At first I was thinking Valentine’s Day, but the more I ruminated on that, the more I thought… how about Mardi Gras?

In Patreon, a chapter went up last Sunday, and this Sunday will see another little behind-the-scenes video. And there will be a few Hanks posts this month as well, of course!

In knitting, I got a good couple inches knit on a simple pair of stockinette socks when we went to see the new Terminator movie last weekend (fantastic movie, I loved it) but then I promptly left my knitting bag over in the studio and keep forgetting to bring it back to the house for knitting time in the evening. Derp.

In other things… Hmm. I’m not sure there are any other things. I think that’s really about all I’ve got going on this week. I mean, that’s enough, right? It’s not a thousand things but they’re things that are definitely keeping me busy.

What about y’all? How’s your week? What are you up to? How’s your week? What’s good? What’s frustrating? Do share!

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