WiP Wed (11/11/20)

WiP Wed (11/11/20)

My energy level the last two days (going to bed at 9 PM is normal, right? And trying to sleep later than 7?) and my ability to stay focused (SQUIRREL!) are both telling me that maybe I should have taken one more week off of work… but also I have things to do, and need to get out of my own head, and out of my own way. So things are slow this week, but moving!

In ceramics, I have a lot to glaze, to restock before GLAM (which as of this moment is both online and in person -more details soon) and as holiday shopping ramps up. I feel like this year people are going to be buying online even more than usual, and I want to be prepared and not run out of popular items (WTF mugs, I’m looking at you!). In soap, I’m making those new fragrances, hoping that if I can keep the AC running in the studio and humidity at bay, I’ll be able to wrap in a few days. After that, it’s on to restocks!

In yarn, there will be a new colorway in about a week or two, as soon as I can get everything rewound.

In other things… in a really great episode of timing, Facebook and Instagram are changing how I can make social media posts, and how I can sell items through the two related channels. I think this may have actually started a month or so ago, but I was busy with family and didn’t really have the brain space to pay attention to the changes. Now I don’t really, either, what with heading into the holiday making and selling frenzy, but I have to find the time. Otherwise I won’t be able to functionally make social media posts. Not being able to sell through Facebook and Instagram is annoying, but not the end of the world. Not being able to post at all, though, so that I can at least talk about what I make? Yeah. So this morning before I started writing this, I am reasonably sure that I filled out all the virtual paperwork to get my Instagram and Facebook shops re-approved, and now I get to wait for a week. Yay? Ugh. Holding patterns. Not my favorite.

There are other things going on; knitting, thinking about HaldeCrate/Seasonal Collections for next year, planning for yarn club (through Patreon), yadda yadda. But enough about me! Tell me about you! What are you up to? What are you working on? How’s the first third of your November been?

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