WiP Wed (11/13/19)

WiP Wed (11/13/19)

Hahahaha! I actually wrote this early early early this morning, got busy, and then totally forgot to post it until now. Hey, all! This week I am 103% HaldeCrate!

In ceramics, I bisque fired the kiln Sunday, Shop Elf came out and helped me glaze Monday and we were able to fill the kiln, Tuesday I fired it again, and in a couple of hours it will have cooled enough that I can open the kiln and get all of the remaining finished HaldeCrate ceramics out.

In soap, I finished the custom order I was working on, and I finished making the soap for the HaldeCrate. I need to finish labeling the soap and then I can put the sets of soap/lotion/lip balm together.

In yarn, the HaldeCrate yarn is giving me fits. But I think I have it worked out and all I need to do is label it. Hopefully.

In HaldeCrate… hey, this entire post so far has been about HaldeCrate!

In Patreon, last Sunday saw a behind-the-scenes crafting video and a few pictures of things I’ll be talking about here over the next couple of weeks.

In knitting, nothing. I haven’t had time and I miss it. I have a stockinette pair of socks that are about halfway done.

In other things… there are no other things. HaldeCrate, and Disney+ is my week.

Sorry/not sorry to be so boring this week….? Tell me about yourselves, instead! What are you up to? What’s consuming you this week?

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