WiP Wed (12/16/20)

WiP Wed (12/16/20)

Whew… what a week. WHAT A YEAR. This might be my last WiP post for the year - next Wed is two days before Christmas, and the next one is two days before New Years. In a normal year I’d be flipping out that I don’t have enough presents wrapped, Chex Mix made, etc… this year I’m just like YO I HAVE SURVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVED… and you? Pat yourself on the back if you’re reading this, because it means you’ve made it this far, too. How about, since you’re reading what I’m writing, we make a deal with each other — if you stop beating up on yourself for anything you wanted to or tried to do this year and couldn’t, or didn’t… I’ll stop beating myself up for the same thing. Let’s just celebrate that we’re here together. Because daaaaaaaaaaang. WHAT. A. YEEEEEEEAR. Mostly this week I’m about recovery, and plotting a course for the next little while.

In ceramics, I am sold out on soooo much, y’all. My normal three wall units of ceramics (plus an extra one of just random stuff that’s no longer online but I can’t bring myself to smash yet) is down to one complete unit and two not-even-half-filled units I could combine into less than one unit. I am sold out of so much. So much, y’all! I can NOT thank you enough. You have made this year worth going through. I love hearing from you and knowing how much you love the ceramics you got, or how much the person you bought them for is enjoying them. Now I’m looking at what hasn’t sold, pondering if it’s worth it to keep making those things, and also making lists of what needs to be restocked and in what order.

In soap, again, there is not much left there, y’all! I’ve made a list this week of what needs to be restocked, and I think I have juuuuuust enough supplies to make all of that happen. I’ll start restocking soap in the new year, so look for restocks to start coming in January.

In yarn, I think I mentioned that one of my two yarn distributors was out of things for a long while - mostly out of the Andre and Tepper bases, which has made it hard to restock things. I’d given up, ordered new base yarn in the same percentages from a different distributor, but it was just too different. I couldn’t even bring myself to call it the same. I was going to sit on those undyed skeins (I’ve decided to use them for the Patreon yarns next year) and just when I’d given up hope… the original distributor got some Andre and Tepper in and I was able to snag some. So after I get the soap restocks made, I’ll start on restocking yarn. I’ll also have some of a new, limited colorway as soon as I can get it wound, but … here’s the funny thing that I discovered when I went to go wind and mail the colorway to Patreon supporters earlier this week…. Uh, I never finished dyeing it. I dyed what I needed for Patreon, and I dyed some of the standard bases that I had - Joy, Lynn, Tiptree - but I had completely forgotten until Sunday that I had dyed that at a time I didn’t have Andre or Tepper, and I totally and completely forgot to dye it in Jemisin, Nagata, and Yolen. I thought briefly about trying to dye some up, but my first priority this week has been packing and shipping orders, and that hasn’t given me the time to really get any work done (hence using what time I do have to clean my office and studio, instead). So, hopefully, Friday I will have a limited few bases of a limited colorway. If you see it and you like it but it’s not in the base you want, drop me a line; I’d be open to dyeing some custom for you of that colorway in January.

In HaldeCrate/Seasonal Collections, I’m thinking… Under the Sea in March or April, Cherry Bomb in June or July, and Snow Flurries in October or November. I don’t know what I’ll make in each line, yet… probably at least two ceramics, and a limited yarn colorway, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll do a soap set (honestly it depends on whether soap and lotion supplies are still hard to come by).

In Patreon, I’m so behind. I want to cry. I should probably be working on things for Patreon right now, and not this blog post!

In knitting, same as above. Very behind in working on that afghan!

In other things… are there other things? I’m tentatively thinking about plans for things for next year. This year was so hard to plan - especially after June, when I never really knew where I was going to be or for how long, every ten to fourteen days. Which, again, is in NO WAY time I regret spending the way I did… I think I just had to get in a particular mindset to do it, and now that mindset isn’t needed but it is still the way I think it’s supposed to be — if you’re on the run for so long, you keep running out of habit, yeah? So I keep thinking I can’t plan things; that there’s no point, I can’t commit to being in one place for long enough to do that thing, and… that’s not true any more. I can commit to a time frame. I can commit to being in one place long enough to finish a thing, to not get sidetracked with something else. And the more I settle into that, the more I think maybe it’s OK to make some plans for 2021, the easier it is to think about actually accomplishing those plans. Restocking that soap. Dyeing that yarn. Writing those chapters. The pandemic is still on, I still have friends fighting for rights, still know people afraid of becoming homeless or jobless, but at the same time, the future seems less uncertain.

Anyway! That’s enough rambling for today. I’ve already had to walk away from this post three times to get something else accomplished. Maybe my idea of making plans isn’t all that secure, after all, haha. If I can’t even finish a blog post I sat down to write ten hours ago?! But enough about me. Tell me about you! What are you working on this week? What are you baking? Making? Growing? Knitting? Painting? Playing? Do tell!

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