WiP Wednesday (01/09/19)

WiP Wednesday (01/09/19)

 I was hoping I'd hit the ground running, this first full week back after the holidays... unfortunately right out of the gate Monday I tripped over a dentist appointment, and then Tuesday was tackled by a migraine.... today? Today I plan on getting work done. Mostly ceramics, although I'm winding some yarn and making some soap in the background. What about y'all? What are you up to this week?

 In ceramics, I'm catching up on restocking after the holidays, and also getting a few new and revamped things out. Expect lots of photos over the next week or two! Let's see... I've also done some test tiles for the next HaldeCrate ceramics, so I'm about to start painting the owl mugs and teapot. ... The January Mug of the Month has been listed, and the February one is currently, for a few more days, available for pre-order. ... The "This Week Only" sale page is back up after a brief hiatus for the 25 Days of Giftmas. I think that's everything right now....? Oh; as I write this, the kiln is firing - a decal firing that I'm hoping will bring new quote mugs into the store!

 In soap, I have a lot to restock, and also some news -- I'll soon be bringing in an oatmeal base soap to compliment the goat's milk. I don't know that I'm going to do every fragrance, but definitely the more popular ones. If you see me bringing in the oatmeal and it's not in a fragrance you want, feel free to drop me a line!

 In yarn, I've test dyed the colorway for the upcoming HaldeCrate - I can't wait to show it off! And I have a lot that I need to dye up for restocks, and also the new Nagata base... I just need the time to do it. Hopefully I'll have all of the Nagata dyed and listed by the end of January, middle of February.

 In knitting, I'm still not working on a poncho (OK, maybe I am). It's slow going, one of those things that increases by four stitches every other row, so every time I think I'm making progress it's also taking me longer to finish a row....! I'll try to remember to show it off soon.

 In Patreon, December was a five-Sunday month, so I got a chapter and a bonus chapter up; then this last Sunday was the first Sunday of January, so another chapter. I think that was Chapter... Five? Numbers. Pff. I'm more about words.

 In other things... are there other things? Tortoises are all fine. Cats are all fine. Dogs are all fine. I'm sure there are a hundred other things I could say, but I'd also like to get this posted... so ... until next time, y'all!

 Meanwhile, though... how is your week going? Finding your New Year's groove?

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