WiP Wednesday (01/31/24)

WiP Wednesday (01/31/24)

Busy week here in HaldeCraft Land - if everything goes well, I'll have an amazing shop update this Friday! Meanwhile, what am I working on....?

In ceramics, I've got some good kiln firings lined up. Later today I'll post a kiln firing, and after that I have a decal firing to do, and after that, I plan to start working on some pie (and Pi) plates to have mid/end of February. I've also made a list of everything I want to do this year, and y'all... my desires might be bigger than actual time allows. There are just so many things I want to make! Casserole dishes! More nature babies! Green men! Flower goddesses! Many more butter dishes, and toad homes, and bird houses! Even though I didn't feel like I did a lot of WORK last year, I did a lot of PLAY. And that play told me what I want to make, and now I feel like I'm on fire with the desire to work. I hope y'all like the things I'm going to be bringing in this year! 

In soap, I've had a list for a couple of weeks of restocks I need to make, but I keep getting called away from the studio on the days I have planned wo make soap. Life, am I right? But today I'm going to get all the materials ready, and if I can't actually make soap this week, I absolutely will, next week. 

In yarn, today is the last day to be able to get some retiring colorways at a discount. After that I'll be pulling them. I do have some new colorways I want to bring into the shop, but I also have a few more I need to discontinue.... I can't decide which I want to do first; discontinue the others, or bring in the new ones. 

In a new turn for HaldeCraft, this coming shop update will see a couple of laser engraved items! I have plans for many, many more, as well. Later this year, after I start to get a few more things in, I'll start asking what anyone might like to see as far as customizable pieces goes. 

In Patreon, later today I'll have a chapter up. 

In.... what else? What else is going on? I think I've mentioned that I'll be travelling a lot this year, and the planning for that is going well. I won't be able to ship things out while I'm gone, but I will keep the shop open. Perhaps I'll do one of those "free shipping but the catch is you have to wait until I get back for the package to be mailed out" things. 

And not really work related, but I'm getting more and more into working on miniatures and dollhouses. I'm loving working on renovating my childhood one, although I did take a couple of weeks off and put together one of those miniature room kits (I'll show some pictures on social media soon). 

I think that's about it for me right now... what about you? What are you working on? Reading anything you can't put down? Watching anything you want to binge, or wish there was another season (or a longer movie version) of? Try making any new foods this week? Tell me what you're up to! 

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