WiP Wednesday (02/09/19)

WiP Wednesday (02/09/19)

I can hardly remember what I thought on Monday that my week would be like... I know I had a plan, but... pff! Plans! We don't need no stinkin' plans! Hahahaha! Seriously, though, this week has gone a little off the rails - I knew Monday I was going to take the day off to spend the day with a friend I've known for 30 years - we lost a mutual, long-time friend last week, and it was a complete surprise and we're both a little gutted... so we wanted to get together and raise a glass. But then I wound up taking yesterday off as well because a starving, sick dog showed up in my yard and I spend the afternoon trying to get him into our fenced in area and to get him help. A really sweet rescue organization, The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang, came out and got him. They immediately started him on subQ fluids and antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, and I heard this morning that he made it through the night and they're hoping he'll start eating today. Anyway, that took a chunk of my heart yesterday... I've fostered dogs before for a rescue organization and I've been given some pretty tough cases... but I've never seen a dog in as bad a shape as this. It really wrecked me, and I wasn't good for much yesterday. I'm probably not good for much today, either, haha, but I'm trying! Let's see....

In ceramics, today I'm painting owl mugs and teapots. I'm between coats, so I'm taking some time to write this while waiting for stuff to dry. ("My job! It's like watching paint dry!") Then I'm getting ready to start painting the March mug, the unicorn... I can not WAIT to see how that turns out. If it's half as awesome as it is in my head, y'all are gonna go nuts for it. Meanwhile, the February mug has just been released, and I've been getting some inquiries about some "I've been Poisoned" mugs -- I'm working on those but they're on the back burner, I'm shooting for a late March release with those.

In soap, I wrapped some soap this morning before starting painting, and I'll have another small update soon. Are y'all liking the Oatmeal base? I've been hearing good things, and using it myself.

In yarn, I found a few more undyed skeins of Nagata - six of them, so I'll choose what three colors to dye up (two skeins each) that I haven't already done, and do that soon. I'm also working on a list for Jemisin, the worsted weight yarn with GOLD SPARKLES. That'll be the next base yarn coming in, and I'm shooting for April!

Is that everything for this week? I think so! What about y'all? What are you working on? What's going on in your lives?

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