WiP Wednesday (02/14/24)

WiP Wednesday (02/14/24)

Happy Wednesday! It's a busy week here in HaldeCraftLand... one of those weeks were I'm probably trying to do too much because I'm running the gamut between doing twelve things at once and standing and staring off into space wondering what I was working on, haha. Here's a rundown... 

In ceramics, I'm handbuilding and watching ClayShare videos. I love learning things while I'm making things! It's like double the fun! I'm also getting Pie (and Pi Pie) plates together so that anyone who wants to celebrate Pi Day in March can have a fun Pi Plate if they'd like it. 

In soap, I just made a small restock batch that I'm hoping to have time to wrap it this weekend. It won't make it into this Friday's shop update but I can add it to the next one (which will also give me time to make a little more). 

In yarn, I'm going to prep the dye pots today or tomorrow to dye yarn club, and I think I'll test dye the new colorways I want to bring in, as well. 

In writing, I'm starting to think about the changes/story expansions I never got around to doing on The Unreachable Star, so am thinking about doing those as I'm simultaneously still working on The Guilford Chronicles. We'll see though... depends on how well I can multitask. Mutlithink? 

In laser engraving, I've been making some dollhouse furniture this week, which is 100% not work related, but I'm loving it so I'm telling everyone, haha. And I'm wondering... what would you like to see me do, work-wise, with laser engraving or cutting? There are already a thousand makers out there, and I don't want to change HaldeCraft to be Just That, but I would like to bring some things in if you'd like them - like the coasters, and charcuterie boards. What else would you like to see? Picture frames? Dollhouse furniture? Birdhouses? If you have opinions, I want to hear them! 

And what media am I consuming this week? In the studio, when I'm not watching ClayShare videos, I've been listening to/watching Love Boat (I figured since I'd done Chips, and am watching The Bionic Man in the evenings if I work on the computer, why not stick with a bad 70s theme?) and y'all, it is BAD. I'm still on Season One and I don't know that I'll finish it.

Most of it is the most misogynistic, heteronormative, alabaster, borderline sexual harassment BS I've ever seen. While I'm enjoying seeing all the guest stars in a nostalgic way.... my god. The storylines are mostly horrible. Every now and then there will be a surprising "woman decides she's better off without a man" or "couple who just met casually has sex and nobody is judged for it" story, but for the most part.....? Ewwww, David. 

I finished reading Naomi Novik's Scholomance trilogy, and I've gone back to Hugh Howey's Silo trilogy - I'm only a couple of chapters into Book 2 (I'd almost finished Book 1 when I got sidetracked by the Scholomance books). 

Anyway, that's me this week. What about you? What are you up to? What are you working on? Do tell! 

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