WiP Wednesday (05/01/24)

WiP Wednesday (05/01/24)

As I write this I'm in a brewery, killing time between an appointment that ended at 2:30 and another one that starts at 7 (if I drove home that would be two extra hours on the road and would only get me two hours at home, so there's no point). So I guess one thing that's NOT in progress today is some work!

But I have been getting a few things done this week. The main thing is dukeing (duking? duke-ing? SpellCheck isn't happy with any of those) it out with technology, and I'll put that at the end for anyone to skip if they want to.

I'm working on some rainbow pieces; two different styles of mugs, and a large squat vase. They'll probably be ready around the end of the month, which is coincidental to Pride Month in June. If you'd like a sneak peek of the unpainted bisque, or to place a custom order in a Pride Flag color that isn't just the standard rainbow, give me a shout! I was only planning on making them in standard rainbow, given the number of "lines" to color in the rainbow on the piece, but I could easily adapt them. (Do I need to state that I'm a safe space and an ally? Which many of my friends already know; but if you want a color and you're not out about it, what I make for you is nobody's business but yours! xoxo)

I'm once again making a list of soap that needs to be made, so expect a soap update towards the end of the month.

I'm also working on some new yarn colors and I'm super excited. It does mean that I'm going to mark some more down if they haven't sold in a while and move them out... but more on that when I'm poised to make that happen. That will probably also be in June.

My next shop update probably won't come until the end of the month, end of May. I know that's a long while between updates, but I'm working slow these days. And I'm working on about a dozen different things, which means even I was working fast, it'd be hard to tell, because I'm juggling so much that nothing gets worked on really hard at any one time.

The rest of this post after this picture is about tech/website stuff, so if that doesn't interest you, you're done! Have a lovely Wednesday!

In tech, I am that gif of the character beating their head against the keyboard until they are a pulpy mess.

1. I can't figure out how to change the background in a few of my pages on my website. The theme has a place to set the colors, and it's supposed to change things globally. But it hasn't on a few of the collection pages, the about page, the contact page, and something else... the header and the footer are the new colors, but the bulk of the page thinks I can go pound rocks. I can not find anything, anywhere, any setting, any special css or template, that will change it. Same with little lines between sections on my front page. I'm either going to live with it or change to an entirely different theme, but either way, I have to step away from it for a few days because y'all, MY EYES ARE CROSSING.

2. Shopify, my website host, has this really easy thing where you can sell through channels, including Facebook and TikTok and a few other things. They say it's easy to set up. HAHAHAHAHA. I've been fighting with Facebook/Instagram (who says that my legal documents for my company are not legal ENUFF, DON'T I HAVE ANYTHING LIKE A PHONE BILL and I'm like... how is a phone bill MORE legal than my Articles of Incorporation? I've been fighting with Pinterest, who has been in the last stage of "we're going to take a look at your items and see if we think they're legal, we'll let you know in 3-5 business days" for about six months now. I've been fighting with TikTok, who says I have a shop, wait, no I don't, would I like to start one, oh you would like to start one but you already have one, wait, no you don't ... since about February. AFTER I already had sales on it? So I don't know what's going on but it's giving me a twitch above my right eyelid and I don't like it.

Anyway. I'm struggling with tech and really, really trying not to get so mad that I throw in the towel and just start taking orders by, like, carrier pigeon. Gah.

So. What are YOU working on this week? Reading anything that's so good you can't put the book down? Watching anything you can't turn off? Being frustrated by anything at work? Do tell!

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