WiP Wednesday (05/15/24)

WiP Wednesday (05/15/24)

First off, happy birthday to my Booth Babe Extraordinaire, Jenn! She's not really in the mood for a big celebration, but I do want her to know how much I value our ... uh ... almost thirty? thirty-something? years of friendship. If you need a friend who's going to take better care of you than you take of yourself, if you need a warrior-goddess on your side who will come out swinging when you need her, if you need someone to selflessly help you on long days of craft shows... you need to go out there and get yourself a Jenn.

So... what have I been doing this week?

I've been glazing some ceramics, trying to get some things finished, both new and restocks, for my next shop update (I'm looking at May 31st). I'm doing some hand building, too, but those won't be ready for this upcoming shop update. Look for a lot of new mugs later this summer, though!

I've got a list of soap I need to make but I need to clean off the soap table before I can make stuff. I'm afraid I needed some other tables for something else and put all the stuff that was on them, on the soap table! Sigh. The perils of liking to work more than I like to clean up after myself....!

I've pulled about six colorways offline. I thought about marking them down at a discount, but when I did that with the last batch of discontinuing colorways, they didn't sell very well. So I have an idea of something to do with them all, and I'll have more info about that next week.

I'm also working on some boxes to add to my next shop update. I think what I'll do is list them as custom orders (I've found some really great stain colors!) with about a week turnaround time. I know y'all are going to love them! Oh, and speaking of other new things, I'm also working on a handful of charcuterie boards!

And let's see... what else? I'm watching SeaQuest, which I remember seeing some of when it came out but I don't remember too much about the series as a whole. For instance, I didn't remember it was a Rockne O'Bannon show - he also did Farscape, one of my favorites. I'm reading a Patricia McKillip book, The Forgotten Beasts of Eld. It came out in 1974 and somehow I've never read it?! And I'm excited about listening to the new season of the podcast Wiser Than Me; Julia Louis-Dreyfus interviews amazing older women. They talk about life choices, aging, how society sees (or doesn't see) and treats older women, and what wisdom they've found and would like to pass on. Lastly, I'm working on some book nooks - somehow I've amassed about half a dozen of them and I want to clear them off my table so I can work on my actual dollhouse!

That's about it for me this week... what about you? What are you working on? What are you reading? Watching? Listening to? Tell me what you're up to!

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