WiP Wednesday (07/19/23)

WiP Wednesday (07/19/23)

This week I am desperately trying to cling to the knowledge of what day of the week it is, hahahaha! Hah?

I'm playing a lot with ceramics; some custom work, some restocks, making (playing, really) some new things. I am really enchanted with butter dishes right now, just sayin'.

That's really all that's going on at work, I think.... just ceramics. I have yarn to wind and soap to make but I'm also trying to do a gazillion not-work things.... trying to do things like rest when I'm tired, and take care of myself (who knew growing up that you'd have to be your own zookeeper when you were an adult, providing yourself with adequate enrichment and good food and a nice place to sleep?).

I'm also taking care of so many cats right now. They're in that annoying age between "young and cute" and "I can get them spayed and boot them outside"... I haven't had any luck in getting any of them adopted, so I'm resigning myself to having a colony out here, but... I just can't make them all inside cats. I can't. They're breaking too many things. And pooping EVERYWHERE. Sigh. I'm doing the best I can, y'all. It's rough. I've always thought cats should be indoors; they are predators and they have too many predators in the country. But eleven cats are not going to be happy in my house with two very cat-enthusiastic dogs (I have three cats in the house now and almost never see two of them) and I can't have eight cats in the studio, there are too many things for them to break. Part of me feels like a terrible person for making them live out in the garage, but part of me is like... at least I'm not the terrible person who dumped them! I'm doing the best I can by them, and that has to be enough. At least in the garage I can feed them, and they have safe spaces from weather, and safe high spaces from predators. 

Anyway. What else is going on....?

I've been re-re-re-watching Schitt's Creek... that show, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, just never gets old. And I think I'm about .... two? episodes behind on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. That's about it for TV, I haven't been watching much lately. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts, though! Current favorites are Tig and Cheryl: True Story, Don't ask Tig, The Stoop, If Books Could Kill, and V Interesting. I've also recently subscribed to Old Gods of Appalachia, American Hysteria, and Terrible, Thanks for Asking... but I haven't really listened to enough of them to tell you how good they are yet!

I'd get into what's going on with housey-house fixit stuff, but that seems to be a never ending circle of "we can't do this until we do this first" and honestly, right now I just want to ignore all of it for a few days. A week, maybe. There is stuff going on but I'm at the point where I'd like there to NOT be stuff going on, at least for a few days, please!

What else....? 

I was looking at the calendar recently and realized... it's almost August. August is usually when I start planning for next year, and when I start getting ready for the holidays. That way my plan is ready to go in January and I don't have to make it while I'm exhausted from the holidays... but it also means the endless round of "do I make my own planner in a dot grid notebook or do I buy a pre-printed planner if I can find one that fits my needs" and then, well, I don't know if y'all like planners as much as I do, but looking at them online is a rabbit hole of EPIC proportions! Do you have a planner you love? Tell me about it! I'm always waffling on what works for me. I don't really need an hourly breakdown, as I don't have meetings or too many things I have to do at specific times. I don't need a weekly review and weekly planning section - good lord, I can hardly get around to cracking open my planner on the weekend, let alone use it to recap the week. If it's pre-printed, I'd like at least some dot grid papers somewhere in there for lists of things. So. Who's holding the Perfect Planner???? 

Oh - I almost forgot! New social media! I'm learning the new social medias the kids are all talking about; I never did much use Twitter except to follow friends, and I cancelled that account within days of whats-his-face buying it. Now I'm testing out Mastodon and Spoutible, and also Threads, but since that's just an app I'm not sure how I can link to it when writing a blog post on my laptop. I guess you'll just have to search for haldecraft on the Threads app if you're on it! As far as the other two? I'm more personal me than work me on those, even though I signed up for both under my work handle. But pretty much all I post there are behind the scenes stuff and cat pictures. 

Anyway, I guess that's about it for me this week. What about y'all? What are you working on? What's under your skin? What's bugging you to get finished?

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