WiP Wednesday (08/09/23)

WiP Wednesday (08/09/23)

My multitude of Shop Cats don't give me much time for working (I spend most of my time cleaning.... we're at war over how a cat box is supposed to be used and y'all, I AM LOSING THE BATTLE)... but I am getting a few things done this week. 

My main focus is still ceramics (it will always be ceramics); I'm still playing with butter dishes, I'm trying out an idea for a pie plate, I'm working on dip bowls to go in the middle of those chip and dip plates I made the other week, and I'm glazing and firing as fast as I can. I'm also gluing magnets as fast as I can, so expect some of those to be added to restocks over the next few weeks, as well. 

This week I'm also starting to make some soap; my thanks to everyone who has been so patient while I made time to do this! I'm hoping to be able to start listing restocks late next week. 

I'm also doing some stuff behind the scenes, really exciting (???) bits like going over changes Patreon is making, so making sure I'm on top of those, and some new things that Shopify is offering on the shop end of things. 

Well, the cat overlords are calling. This one gets fixed next Wednesday (this is Little Mama), and Big Mama's two daughters get fixed in September. Then I can boot everyone back outside and y'all, not a moment too soon. They are wrecking my studio! And my patience. Sigh. I definitely can't keep them in the studio much longer... and I definitely can't move them over to the house. And while I've been able to give the smol fluff boy baby away, it looks like I'm going to be stuck with all these gals living in my garage. The Garage Girls? Sounds like a good band name!

Anyway. What are you working on this week? What are you doing? What are you reading? What are you watching? What are your pets or children doing? Tell me a little bit about your week! 

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