WiP Wednesday (12/13/23)

WiP Wednesday (12/13/23)

This is probably going to be my last Wip Wed post of the year - starting Saturday(ish) I'm going to *gasp* take a few weeks off for Winter Hibernation. I mean Vacation. I am definitely not fattening myself up this week on lots of carbs, intending to sleep in a cave of my own bed for the next three weeks. Nope. Definitely not. Ahem. ANYWAY! Moving on.
Oh, goodness - I started writing this about six hours ago, stepped away from my computer, and POOF, the fact that I was doing something on the computer was gone. Sigh.

So what am I working on this week?

I'm heartbroken about my first kiln explosion in a few years - time to appease the Kiln Gods, I suppose. But I'm going to go right back to the handbuilding table and see what I can come up with. I'd like to start offering these for sale next year; I may have some that are ready-made and just need numbers, but then I'll mostly be offering them as sort of a pick-and-choose. Base of woodgrain and numbers, then you pick which door (if you want one), which animal you'd like (if you'd like one), whether you'd like flowers or mushrooms, and so on. They won't be cheap and they won't be fast, but they will be amazing!

The thing that really gets me about the kiln explosions is that I started loading the kiln about three weeks ago, or more. And I had some really delicate greenware in there that I didn't want to take out, and that meant that I had other things that were glazed that didn't get fired, that I would have had for GLAM. So I'm a little disappointed about that. I'm trying to say "but now I'm ahead for next year!" but I just keep thinking that those are things that are going to be taking up valuable shelf space for the next eleven months.

When I get back from my Staycation Hibernation, I'll have a soap update, and a yarn update. And some ceramics, of course. I'm back on about the 8th, and I'm looking at the 19th for my first shop update of the year.

OH FOR - I did it again. I stepped away from the computer, forgot I was writing this, and about five hours passed. Maybe I should start my vacation as soon as I hit "post" on this, hahaha! Hah? Sigh.

I don't think there was even much more I was going to write about. What else am I doing? While I've been learning a new way to post social media, I've had CHiPs on in the background... I'm about halfway through the last season. Was this show just an after-school special on how seatbelts are important? And how many times can Ponch's car be totaled or set on fire?!

I'm also working on my dollhouse... and I have another (new) dollhouse lined up after that... and after THAT one, I have an idea about what they call "bashing" - taking two dollhouses that are similar in size and style, and "bashing" them together to make one large dollhouse. Y'all may have to stage a miniature intervention! And don't let me get started on making dollhouse sized plates of food, or houseplants. I can see that if I started making those, I'd make so many that I'd have to start selling them. And that way lies madness!

What about you? What are your plans for the holidays (or if you're already celebrating, as I think Channukah is about halfway over now?)? Are you traveling? Staying home? What kind of cookies do you plan on leaving out for Santa?

OK, that's it for me, then. Y'all have a lovely, peaceful, wonderful rest of your year, and I will be back to HaldeCraft in January!
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