Works-in-Progress Wednesday

Works-in-Progress Wednesday

I really am trying to rest, and get over this Bronchitis, but there's so many exciting things in the studio and I love what I do! So here's what's getting worked on when I'm not trying to nap or rest on the couch with the cats.

In ceramics, I should have the last coat of glaze on the February mug today, so the plan is to fire the kiln tomorrow, open Friday, list mugs Monday (giving me Thursday and Friday to fire if something goes sideways today and I can't get to it). The February 2017 mug has been marked down to make room for this new one, after that any leftovers will go back to full price but over on my Etsy shop. Let's see... what else... I've got some other thoughts bubbling around, too... maybe a new size shell soap dish? The mold I have is getting old and finicky to pour, but I love the shell soap dish and it's popular... so I'm looking at alternatives. And I'm trying to get some restock tentacle mugs done but the kiln is looking pretty full this time around so it might be next week (which reminds me, I still need to do write my 2017 kiln firing recap post!).

In soap, I've just released the January limited edition soap (Lavender Coconut).... there are a few previous month's soaps still available, too. And I'm making and wrapping soap this week so should have a small update over the weekend or by Monday (this weekend we have plans to go to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, so I don't want to promise a whole lot of excitement over the weekend).

In yarn, sock blanks, coming soon! I'm having a little problem with the green so it needs to go back into the pots for a soak, but I'm also dyeing March yarn club so I'm having to work around any open pots I might have...

I'm also still evaluating all my WiPs, but one of my dearest friends from my college days is battling cancer so I am knitting him ALL THE HATS, because, well, y'all know. That's what we knitters do. I'm up to three already and need to get some black yarn so I can whip up a Hufflepuff hat with "F*ck Cancer" hidden in the brim. Oh -- anyone got a line on a hat pattern for a Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhiker's series? My search-fu must be off because on Ravelry all I'm coming up with is Marvin the Martian. Funny, but not what he asked for. I mean, technically, I guess I could go New School and just do gray with some little chartreuse diamonds for eyes.... ANYWAY. I'm supposed to be evaluating my currents WiPs and not starting new ones! But, friends! Y'all know how it is. I'd rather cast on something new than finish something, amirite?!

Let's see... anything else? I feel there was something else, but... ah, it's gone out of my head. What about y'all? What are you working on this week? What's in progress for you?

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