Works-in-Progress Wednesday (01/30/19)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (01/30/19)

And just like that, January is almost over! I don't know who decided THAT could be a thing. I still kind of feel like it's October of last year, haha. Sigh. It's not just me, either... a friend on Facebook yesterday mentioned she'd just gotten her Christmas tree taken down. I'm glad it's not just me, feeling time slipping past so quickly.

Don't think I'm missing the irony of posting about what I'm working on when I start the post off saying how busy everyone around me feels.....! So then. On to what I'm doing this week....!

In ceramics, I had a couple of small kiln firings over the weekend; one in Little Geek and one in Big Geek that wasn't quite as full as I like, but I needed the items. I mean, look at those owls! I'm so excited! I've also got the February mug finished - it'll go up for sale next Monday (I know y'all are looking forward to the March mug....!). I'm also doing some handbuilding; I have a show in March and I want a few new pieces for it.

In soap, I have another small restock of both Goat's Milk and new Oatmeal soaps... and I'm making a list of more to be made. Have you tried the Oatmeal soap? I've been hearing good things about it! I've been using one myself, and really like it... I'm glad I went ahead and brought that in.

In yarn, I have a small restock coming tomorrow... wait, is it a restock if it's in the new base yarn, Nagata? I don't have much - it turns out I had less undyed than I thought (oops; rookie mistake) but I'll get them up and then as soon as I can place another base yarn order I'll work on the rest.

In other things... I'm getting over bronchitis and my sinus infection (why do I always seem to get sick in January, like clockwork? OH WAIT maybe it's because I always overextend myself in December....?). ... (don't nobody answer that....). ... What else...? ... I'm still trying to find time for a deep planning session for things I have planned for 2019. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm about ready to give myself permission to just wing it this year - I should really have done planning back in October but I've kept not making time for it. Maybe I should do a whole separate blog post about this...! ... Hmm... other things....? Studio Cats are all fine... Tortoises are a little chilly but loving the heat lamps I got for them... Shop Elf is thinking about coming in twice a week instead of just once (which reminds me I need to start the Shop Elf Shenanigan section of the website!) ... Things are going well over on Patreon - I'm getting ready to put Chapter Six (tentatively titled "Did I Dream You Dreamed About Me") up this coming weekend.

And I think that's about it for this post...! Time to stop writing about what I want to do today and just go DO what I want to do today. Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

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