Works-in-Progress Wednesday (02/14/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (02/14/18)

What are you working on this week? I'm working on not overworking myself, since I'm finally feeling better.... I thought I was feeling better a couple of weeks ago and jumped back into a full schedule, and that's when I came down with Bronchitis. So. No overdoing it, me!

In ceramics, I'm eyeing the table of things that need some glaze as I madly wind yarn, and thinking about what colors I want to make some new things like shell soap dishes, leaf soap dishes, and the March mug. I've also finally cleaned off my pouring table, because I have a couple of slipcast custom orders and restocks that need to be taken care of.

In soap, I had a small update at the start of the week, and I need to check but I think that means I'm not out of anything right now...? I released the January limited edition soap two weeks ago, will release the February one in a little under two weeks, and am getting ready to mail out the February soap for the people in Year of Soap.

In yarn, well, that's the pie which both of my thumbs are in this week. I mistakenly said yesterday that I'd mailed out February club - I actually wrote that post a month ago, and meant to post it tomorrow.... hahahah, so imagine my surprise when I was done winding February club yarn yesterday and saw a post saying I'd sent it out! Hahahah, the things I do to myself! Anyway, I'm going to try to get it out today, we'll see how that goes. And March yarn is dry and ready to wind... and if you're on Ravelry you know about the changes to club that are upcoming, and I'll be officially announcing that soon. I also just released the sock blanks - I love them so, and I hope you do, as well! And I'm working on rewriting all the listings for the yarns online, combining all the bases into one listing under the colorway name... so if you are looking for a particular color, you don't have to back out to the main page and hunt. It does mean that you can no longer sort by base yarn, but I'm working on a fix for that - I need to hard code some pages and embed a link to the individual yarns, and is anyone still reading this? Heh. It'll take me a while as I can't start on that until I've finished relisting everything, but ... it's on my list.

In other things... are there any other things? I've moved the work blog again, back to its original home... so all the people who have only followed my personal blog are suddenly realizing that I didn't blog over there much because I've been using up all my words on work posts! Oh - and in knitting... early this year I set out all my WiPs and took pictures, and I've been talking about a couple of them a week, deciding what to do with them. I'm still doing that, but I'm sidetracked by one of my dearest, closest friends who just got a cancer diagnosis. I don't live near them, so I am knitting ALL THE HATS because, well... you knittas know. That's what we do. So if you see me mention a project I dropped months ago and have plans to pick up, I'm not just being a slacker. I have some "anger at cancer" issues to work out and have to knit ALL THE HATS for my friend. Oh, and... taxes. Yeah. It's that time of year when I realize I'd done f-all with my online accounting system and have to spend hours pouring over things, making sure things are in the right place. Every year I do this, and every year I tell myself this is not the most effective choice and two hours a month is better spent doing this than 24 hours one week in February. And then I promptly ignore my good advice and ignore the accounting program again for twelve months. Sigh.

Anyway. That's me. What about you? What are you working on this week? What's frustrating you, or setting your heart on fire?!

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