Works-in-Progress Wednesday (02/15/17)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (02/15/17)

What are you working on this week?

In ceramics, I'm getting ready today to start thinking about that pizza plate again. I did some test tiles with a new clay, a brown specked clay, and I really like the look of it. I might wind up using that for the pizza plate instead of my usual white clay. I'm also working on glazing the February mug (hopefully I'll get that fired tomorrow) and working on the March mug. And thinking about the April mug! I have some new black clay I got a couple of weeks ago with an eye on doing something with it for April. Let's see... what else? I just finished up some new magnets, I just need to get them photographed and then I'll get them listed. I also just did a test firing of some decals, because I have an idea for combining my little button with decals for my knitting and crochet-lovers mugs. And new biohazard mugs will come as soon as I can get them glazed, also! And Marie bowls... I want to make them in new colors, I just need to figure out which of the many colors I love that I want to make them in (y'all may need to stage a color intervention).

In soap, not much is going on; I've recently released a new herbal/fruit-flavored soap, Rhubarb & Sugar Cane... and I'm getting ready to send out the February soap next week, if you're part of my soap subscription service.

In yarn, I'm testing an upcoming colorway, Ashes to Ashes, the next in my yarns inspired by David Bowie (overall I'm happy with it and plan to release it next Friday, the 24th). And I just sent February yarn club out this week... which means it's time to start winding March's yarn! And time to start planning the next round of club... whoa! Time flies, y'all!

In other things...? Are there any other things...? I don't think I'm doing much else. I stole a good friend from her responsibilities Monday and took her to Jacksonville with me to visit the pottery supply studio where I get my clay (they'd been out of my default clay and I had to go get some now that they've restocked). I'm full up on clay, now!

So, that's it for me, then. How about y'all? What are you working on this week? And are you taking time out for your self? I wasn't feeling well yesterday, and spent about an hour just lounging on the couch, playing a stupid city-building game on my tablet... weirdly, I feel loads better today!

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