Works-in-Progress Wednesday (03/07/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (03/07/18)

I've tried to write this three times, and Chrome keeps shutting down on me about halfway, and oddly (for Chrome) not saving and offering to open previous shut-down tabs. So. Let's see how this goes. Hey, y'all! What are you up to this week?

In ceramics, I have a table of stuff to be glazed (including the pineapple mug for the HaldeCrate!) and I was able to fire the kiln last week, so I have a lot of new things coming up (I'll try to remember to write a recap post Friday, because there's a lot sprinkled in and around the week).

In soap, not much is going on. I have a small list of things to make and restock, but probably won't have time to get to that for a couple of weeks.

In yarn, I'm still working on re-photographing and re-writing listings (this may take all year, hahahaha sob). I'm winding March yarn club, I'm oogling the Monkey Fart yarn for the new HaldeCrate, and already planning the next one (think tropical getaway, y'all).

In other things, I am working on my 2017 accounting and taxes (so! thrilling!)... I'm trying to remember to finish four loads of laundry today (so if you see me online, remind me that I need to walk back to the house and check on that, mmmmkay?)... I'm trying to plan ahead for the Instagram challenge, March Meet the Maker (which I will be cross-posting every five or six days here on the blog for those who aren't into Instagram but do want a peek at what makes me me)... what else....? I still have a few relatives to help out with health issues, but it's not as overwhelming as last week (I do *not* know how people who have both kids and aging family members take care of both!)... and... and... hmm, maybe that's it...!

How about y'all? What are you working on this week? What are you crossing off (or ignoring) on your to-do lists?

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