Works-in-Progress Wednesday (03/14/18)

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We have a house full of people and while they are here to take on some things so that I don't have to, I'm still finding myself a little disjointed and scattered but maybe that's because I'm also working on some accounting things, and accounting always makes me break out into a cold sweat. Well, not accounting, exactly, but... bookkeeping. :: internal shudder ::

I haven't even had time to make a WiP Wednesday graphic! Maybe I can distract you with a pet picture...

In ceramics, I'm glazing a single pineapple mug, hoping to get the right look... I'm also still working on new tentacle mugs. I went ahead and started the process of more mermaid mugs, as well, since so many people have said they want more - I should have those done in about a month. I'm glazing the April mug, thinking about the May one, and wondering if I want to do mugs again next year or maybe switch to bowls.

In soap, I'm making soap like a mad soapwoman this week! My studio smells fantastic. And with the cold weather, it hasn't been too humid, so everything is drying pretty quickly. Mostly it's stuff for the Year of Soap, but I will have a couple of restocks up early next week.

In yarn, I had a bit of problem with swag (it was stolen out of my mailbox and I had to quickly make a replacement) so I'm hoping to get that out tomorrow.

In knitting, I'm sad that my "Fuck Cancer" hat is going to be too tight for my friend - I hate fair isle and even though I tried, my floats are way too tight - so I haven't sent it yet... I will, I just am sad about it. I think I want to do another one, knitting the part with words flat this time, using intarsia instead, and then pick up and knit the rest of the hat in the round, top and bottom. We'll see.

That's about all I have time for right now... I hope your week is going well, whatever you're working on!

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