Works-in-Progress Wednesday (03/28/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (03/28/18)

Hello, and Happy Wednesday! What are y'all working on this week?

In ceramics, I'm glazing like a fiend. Well, not today - I have a Shop Elf, y'all! Bless its magical little heart, it comes out and glazes for me sometimes when I'm in a pinch, and boy howdy am I in one this week. I have things that are selling out quickly and need restocking, and things that are new, and some custom work, and just so many ceramic things! I fired the kiln last weekend, should have enough to fire it again tomorrow or Friday, and probably enough to fire again early to mid week next week. Must glaze ALL THE THINGS!

In soap, I do have a handfull of bars for upcoming club/subscription services that need to be wrapped, and I'm taking notes on regular stock that needs to be replaced. That's about it for soap this week (other than a small restock order, and the Limited Edition soap of the month that I talked about yesterday. Monday. What is today???).

In yarn, I had an Andre restock, a couple of One-Hit Wonders, and about a dozen other skeins that I need to have time to wind (perhaps I can do that today while my Shop Elf is glazing for me!). And I'm getting ready to dye all of the Monkey Farts yarn!

Speaking of the Monkey Farts Crate, I've tested the pineapple mug and love it, so am getting ready to paint all of those (that is definitely not something I want to give to the Shop Elf; I think I want do to every mug just a little bit different... this is definitely a "plop myself in front of Netflix and binge something I don't have to keep my eyes on while I paint for six hours straight" kind of job). Pre-orders are only available for a few more days, and after that... anyone who didn't preorder a crate will have to hope there are extras of what they want! I've made all the soap, and will be making the hand lotion and lip balm next week. Lip balm is hard to make in small batches, so I expect there will be extra singles of that showing up at live events later this year.

In other things... I'm still plugging away on Craftybase, learning a new inventory/tracking/manufacturing/bookkeeping system. Seriously, y'all, this program does it all. It's a little intimidating, but also really, really cool. ... I'm having some planner anxiety; I tried a new planner for this year at the end of last year, didn't like it, but bought a really nice cover for it before I knew I wouldn't like it. I bought a new insert planner, liked it, went to buy another one to start planning the second half of the year, found out they don't make it any more. Found one that is a similar size but with about 50 less pages, bought it, liked it even though it might last only four months instead of six, went to go sign up for their magic awesome subscription service so I could get one automagically mailed to me and I wouldn't have to think about it, and they're sold out. No news on when they'll have more. I'm starting to think it's me, y'all! In there too, I tried out a bunch of stencils... stay tuned for the blog post about how I'm too much of a perfectionist for stencils. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway. That's my week. What about y'all?

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