Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/04/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/04/18)

Happy Wednesday, y'all! We had company that I wanted to spend a little extra time with before they left this morning, and after that I wanted to get yesterday's orders out. Then something about lunch....? Anyway! Finally sitting down to get some work done!

In ceramics, I have tables and tables of things to be glazed. Tentacle mugs. Pineapple mugs. Mermaid mugs. ALL THE MUGS. (Speaking of mugs, I just released the April one, and y'all, I had to keep one of these for myself. I was thinking big ol' cuppa tea at the end of the day, but a friend suggested soup mug... now I want some chowder in it!).

In soap, I have a pile of stuff to be wrapped, but it's either future limited edition soaps or future subscription service soaps, so right now there's no rush on it...

.... which is good, because much of my focus this week is going towards dyeing over 30 skeins of Monkey Farts! Whoooooo! I finished up my socks I was knitting in it, but haven't had time to weave in the ends and photograph them yet. They are so fun, y'all! If you're in this first round of HaldeCrate you are going to be really, really lucky (even if you're not getting the yarn, because the scent is lovely and the pineapple mugs are turning out way cool).

In other things, I'm eyeing my anvil and forge and hoping I have time to get out there and make some things before the heat of summer kicks in. And I'm gearing up to do quarterly sales tax, hooray, that's always sooooooooooo fun. And I'm still learning the ways of Craftybase. And I'm doing some background web research on extensions I can get for my site that will let me do things like make bundles of items or allow for multiple shipping locations. There are so many Shopify add-ons, but most of them cost money, and many of them kind of overlap. I don't want to pay two apps $25/month each if it turns out that they do 75% of the same stuff....! So I've got a lot of open tabs right now and am doing a lot of mind-numbing--- I mean, SUPER EXCITING documentation reading.

That's about it right now... mostly working on the Monkey Farts crate this week (oh - and also planning the Coconut Cream Crate!). What about y'all? What are you working on this week?

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