Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/17/19)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/17/19)

I'm still a little under the weather, so trying more to clean around the studio and make lists of things that need to be done, more than actual doing... (I do not recommend two sinus infections in two months, to anyone). But I do have a few things going on I can tell you about that are mildly more exciting than "I cleaned off my wedging table today". Granted, that wedging table looks SHARP.

About a week or so ago, I finally got all the mugs glazed and glaze fired that I needed for some decal work; now comes the fun part! I put decals on yesterday, am firing today, and barring any horrific kiln firings I'll have things unloaded Thursday and listed Friday. Restocks and a couple of new things!

I'm also getting ready to make a big soap restock - this may take close to the last of the base that I currently have, but I have a show coming up at the end of the month and I definitely want soap for that, plus restocks for online, plus stuff to tide us all over for a while!

I'm getting my count together for yarn to dye for the Cherry Bomb HaldeCrate, and also checking on what needs to be restocked and what new needs to come in (I know I just released Denali but I have another colorway planned for a couple more months from now, plus there's the August HaldeCrate, plus bringing Jemisin into all the colorways! And how's my Nagata....? I may need to dye a bit more of that, as well.).

Speaking of Nagata, I'm working on a pair of socks in Buttercream. I worked on them while we drove to Indiana and back, but then when we got home I got sidetracked by my socks in Cherry Bomb that I'd like to have ready to show off by the time the crate launches. Hopefully with Game of Thrones back on, I'll have a little concentrated knitting time once a week! At least for some stockinette socks - you know I'm not taking my eyes off that screen long enough to work with cables. Final season and all, I don't want to miss any of Sansa's great side-eye, or Tyrion's quips.

In Patreon... let's see... last week was my "Let Me Recommend" post... this weekend will be my "Sandhill Ecosystem" post... I mailed out the postcards this week to the tier that gets those, also the yarn for that tier, and I'm still working on the ceramic tier but I have something pretty special planned for that - just need time to do a little painting. The Discord Chat is scheduled for this weekend, I'm contemplating turning the "advice" column into a second "Let Me Recommend" post, and I'm still feeling really bad for Burgess (even though I know he's gone on to have a great life, and it's about to get even better). That's about it for Patreon right now!

What else was I going to talk about? I think I mentioned that my online shop host (Shopify) and my newsletter client (Mailchimp) suffered irreconcilable differences and have broken up -- it took a couple of weeks of reading and researching but I found a new email client that I think will be a good match for me. I'm still in the learning phase, so have only sent out one general email - with clear unsubscribe instructions just in case there was any problems porting everyone over from Mailchimp - I don't want to mess with the GDPR! I'm still trying to figure out if there's a way to make a Newsletter Landing Page - something that maybe shows off a sample of a newsletter and will let you sign up for it; until I can figure that out, there's a box at the bottom of every page of HaldeCraft that will let you sign up. (Allegedly there's a pop-up banner I can use, but I hate pop-up banners with the fire of a thousand suns, so that's not happening.) (Edited to add: I just read up on it, like a smart person, and hey - it's not a pop-up! So I may have a fix for this by the time you read this blog post!)

Let's see... anything else? The weather has been lovely lately - doors open all day in the studio, nice breeze blowing through... and then I'll hop on Facebook and see that some of you are still getting snow. SNOW. I know a bunch of y'all are GoT fans but isn't April cosplaying as January a bit much?

Oh! Oh! I remember what it was I wanted to tell you -- and I even alluded to it, like, in the second paragraph... HaldeCraft will have a booth at the new GLAM Spring Show in just a couple of weeks! (Here's the Facebook page.) It's Sunday, April 28th, at Cypress & Grover Brewery in Gainesville, Florida, from 10 AM - 4 PM. Y'all know that GLAM at the holidays is your favorite local craft show, so DO NOT MISS this special, mid-season festivity! It's everything you want (local arts and crafts, a brewery, food trucks, and places to sit and chat) and nothing you don't (alligators, hurricanes, killer clowns from outer space). Will I see you there?!?!

Anyway! That's it for me this week, really, for sure... I think. What about y'all? What are you working on this week? How's your week shaping up? What's on your mind?

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