Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/19/17)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/19/17)

What are you working on this week? I've been trying to knock it out of the park yesterday and the day before (and will today) because I have a feeling Thursday and Friday aren't going to be very productive.

In ceramics, I have a bunch of owl mugs coming up soon! I had wondered, a few weeks ago, why owl mugs weren't really selling any more, and huh... it turns out that's because I had a whole passel of them that weren't painted! oops! Hahaha. So, I'm painting them all. I'm also working on the May mug, and already have an idea for the June mug, and I'm doing a lot of slab work while plotting out the Marie collection. And I'm making a list of things, mostly slipcast ceramics, that need to be restocked.

In soap, I'm getting the April subscription soap out this week. That's about it for soap this week. I have a couple of new fragrances out, Forest King, and earlier this year, Rhubarb and Sugar Cane. Have you tried either of the new fragrances? What do you think?

In yarn, I'm winding up Little Red Corvette, and will release it next week (next Friday, the 28th). It will be a new permanent colorway, so if it sells out right away there will be restocks! Speaking of selling out, Yarn Club is sold out this time around -- all the spots are taken.

That's about it for me this week... (I'm also recovering from an amazingly awesome Open House last Saturday!). What about y'all? What are you working on?

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