Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/24/19)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/24/19)

Most of my work this week is centered around getting ready for a big show this weekend - GLAM is running a new Spring show and you know I had to be a part of that, considering how fun the Winter show is! I'm a little nervous because I'm trying out a new thing - a new chip reader for cards that's associated with an app for my shop that lets me ring people up on my phone, as if I'm directly ringing them up on my shop. It will figure tax (which means I have to change out price tags on everything, because previously I've figured tax into the price to make ringing people up easier) and it'll email or text a receipt the same way it would if you bought online. Knock on wood that this isn't a nightmare (I'm bringing a backup of hand-written receipts and my other chip reader, Just In Case).


In ceramics, I'm madly glazing and firing to try to get some restocks and some fun things for the upcoming show - every time I made a Cherry Bomb soap dish last week I also made another little random dish to bring to GLAM with me... I'm firing the kiln with a bunch of things today and I just can't wait until tomorrow to open it! It's like Christmas!

In soap, I have a stack on my table that I need to wrap (now that I'm done with that big glazing session I had over the weekend, I should be able to get to that today) and then I'll have a lot of soap to take with me to GLAM. I'll have a good mix of the oatmeal and goat's milk bases (I wanted to try to make something new, like Shea Butter, but I just didn't have the time to get the supplies before I didn't have time to make it).

In yarn, I'm making new price tags for Tepper and Andre, all of which I'll be bringing to GLAM. Part of the new setup is that I no longer have to take things out of stock to bring to a show, because the app on my phone is also the stock online - so as I sell things at the show it'll update immediately online (and visa/versa, which means I'll be keeping an eye out for emails about online sales coming in, in case I need to pull something that's with me at the show). That's about all that's going on in yarn - I have some that I need to rewind and restock, but that'll have to wait until next week.

In HaldeCrate, there's only about a week left in pre-orders for the Cherry Bomb crate! Have you gotten your orders in? Some things are already selling out (soap set! Nagata base yarn!) so I need to check my supplies but I may not have any extras of those sold-out items for general sale.

In Patreon, I'm working on the next chapter... I want it to be partly Noelle's story, and partly Sebastian's... but we'll see how it plays out as I'm finishing it. It wouldn't be the first time that Sebastian's story wants to be longer than I thought it would, and the other story gets saved until next month. Oh, Sebastian. Such a scene-stealer, that one.

In other things... I'm trying to find a good-for-me, useful way to combine the info I get from Back in Stock (that app I use on my online shop to email you when something you want is back in stock) and the info I get from Craftybase (the accounting/inventory system I use) to run more functional reports for myself on things I'm out of stock on, to try to trim back my turnaround time on restocks. Right now I see I'm out of something, write it down, forget I wrote it down, remember a week later, write it down again, start working on it, and about six weeks after I'm out of something, I have a restock. I'd like to get that time down, or try to figure out a better way than ... writing it down and forgetting about it (I mean, I'm the Queen of Dayplanners, how can I forget?!). I'm hoping for some sort of... checklist I can print out, and move it from page to page in my planner as the weeks go by. (Is this just massively exciting to read about, or what?!)

ANYWAY... that's about it for me this week. How about you? What are you working on? What's feeding your heart? What's stressing you out? What thoughts are you chewing on?

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