Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/26/17)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (04/26/17)

Just a quick post this morning, since I'm out the door for a much-needed chiropractic visit soon.... what are y'all working on this week? I am loving this week, because I am elbows-deep in ceramics!

The only thing I'm doing this week that's NOT ceramics, is winding up Little Red Corvette for release on Friday. Other than that, I'm slab-rolling and handbuilding for the Marie Collection, I'm throwing some restock mugs, some new mugs, and playing around with shapes, and I'm releasing and restocking SO MANY OWL MUGS this week! Because whooooooooooo doesn't love owl mugs?!

I've also been hanging out a lot with my friend Leslie's sister, Karen, who is an absolutely amazing ceramic artist (check out her stuff on Instagram and prepare to be wowed!). She's in-between studio spaces right now, and being that I know first hand what it's like to be a ceramicist who can't get to her ceramics (anyone remember that year, and how that's when I learned to knit, changing the course of history?!) I didn't hesitate to invite her out any time she wants to put her fingers back in clay. I wasn't even worried that I'd get protective of my work space, because our minds are definitely on the same wavelength and working alongside her is like working with someone I've known my whole life. In fact, I'm totally crediting her with an idea I had for a couple of platters yesterday; I piled some things on top of some other things to move them, to make room for her, and as I was carrying them my brain had a "hey, what if" moment. So now I'm also playing with a new idea and if it works out I'll add it to the Marie Collection by the end of next month!

So, that's it for me this week... what about y'all? What are you working on?

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