Works-in-Progress Wednesday (05/01/19)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (05/01/19)

Mostly the first part of this week I recovered from GLAM (so much fun, but I always need so much sleep after!) and the latter half of this week I need to focus primarily on the next Chapter of The Unreachable Star that goes up Sunday. However, yesterday I made a list of all the things that need to be restocked, so I have a plan to hit the ground running next week!

In ceramics, I need to pour some African Violet pots. I've been trying to pour them, because I've been out for a while, but I think something might be off in my slip because they've all cracked while drying (just in case you're wondering why I haven't restocked them in a while). I also need to pour a lot of the Sleepy Owl pieces (that large planter, the mugs...). And magnets! I need to make more magnets! I still have some slab work to do, with the Cherry Bomb soap dishes and yarn bowls, so maybe I can whip up some magnets from the scraps of those.

In soap, I have a list of things to be restocked... that's about all I have for soap this week. Oh! No, I do have some new Oatmeal soaps that I made right before GLAM, I'll be talking about which fragrances those are on social media this week.

In yarn, well... Fiber-In is only four months away, so it's time for me to come up with a plan about my spinning fiber. Like an idiot I was thinking that it didn't sell well because it just wasn't popular... guess who actually looked at what she's out of stock on? Yeah. It doesn't sell well because it's almost totally sold out. Sorry about that, y'all! Imma dork. After I'm done dyeing Cherry Bomb for the HaldeCrate, I'll get right on fiber restocks.

In writing, I'm putting the finishing touches on the current chapter, ready to put up Sunday. Did I leave you on a cliffhanger last month? Are you hoping I pick up in the same place this month? Find out Sunday!

In knitting, I almost have two pairs of socks finished - one just needs the ends woven in and the other needs the heels grafted and then ends woven in. I am an embarrassingly slow knitter these days... I need to take more road trips where I'm not the one driving!

I think that's everything on my mind right now. What about y'all? What are you working on? What's on your minds?

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