Works-in-Progress Wednesday (05/08/19)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (05/08/19)

This week is flying by - dinner with friends Monday night, doctor's appointment in the middle of the day in the next town over yesterday, another doctor appointment tomorrow (fortunately in the morning and in my town, so I can actually get some work done tomorrow). Oh, and did I mention sudden tickets to my favorite folk/rock group fell into my lap on Sunday, and a friend and I drove two hours at a moments notice to be able to go? It meant getting home at 2 AM Monday morning but it was so, so very worth it! Needless to say this week isn't going to go down in history as my most productive, but things just be that way sometimes. This is one of the reasons I work so hard to be able to work for myself - I remember well the days of having to ask my boss for time off to do things like go to two doctor's appointments in the same week, and honestly, this is much better on many levels. BUT ANYWAY! On to what I am working on this week!

In ceramics, I'm all about the Cherry Bomb this week! Making yarn bowls, glazing, and I tell you I can not WAIT for the bright color that's going to be the final kiln firing. So exciting!

In soap, I'm getting ready to send the May soap club out today, and that's about all I'm doing with soap this week other than making a list of what to start making next week for restocks.

In yarn, I have a large list of restocks, but first I need to get Cherry Bomb finished and rewound - HaldeCrate goes out on the 15th and I can not wait! I think I said that already... but it's true. I'm so excited about this Crate!

In Patreon, last week Chapter Nine went up, and we had a bit of a time jump in the story. The rest of the month now will be filled with non-fiction posts that I do for members, and then we'll pick up where we left off with the next Chapter. Or will we? Am I done with the time jumps? Am I trying to get us to a specific time for a specific event? You'll have to read to find out!

In knitting, I have two pairs of socks finished, y'all! I just need to photograph them! I haven't had anything off the needles that isn't a chemo hat for a loved one in so long it's ridiculous. I love knitting for my loved ones but it's disheartening to have so many friends fighting battles.

In other things... I think I pretty much said it all in the first paragraph. An old friend is in town for a little while before moving halfway across the world, so we're all trying to spend what time with him that we can (before we all go visit him in Ireland, haha!). I'm having some kidney checkups and checkups with my doctor about all the sinus infections/bronchitis/massive allergies (the new allergy medication seems to be working well). Oh, and I'm juggling a few behind-the-scenes planning/time-line things. In the next week or two I want to write a blog post about the Mug of the Month, I'm going to run the second half of the year just a titch differently as far as announcements go and I want all that info in one place so it's easy for people to find.

That's about it for me... what about you? How's your week going? Any old friends in town? Any weird medical procedures? Any good hobbies taking up your time? Do tell!

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