Works-in-Progress Wednesday (05/16/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (05/16/18)

What are y'all working on this week? I have to be honest, this week is a bit of a slog for me. I wasn't going to say anything, but I think it's important to be honest about what working at home is like. About 75% of the time it is hands-down the best thing ever... but sometimes, it's like Atreyu trying to pull his horse, Artax, out of the swamp in The NeverEnding Story. I don't even really know why I feel kind of stuck; I'm at a good place in almost all my projects (painting detailed ceramics could be going faster, but I always think that) and this week I'm primarily focusing on custom orders. Maybe it's residual guilt because I'm behind on a few custom orders, and worried I might fall behind on the rest? Who knows. But my anxiety is in overdrive this week and it's causing me to do a lot of walking from room to room wondering why I walked into this room, and I know I *am* working but I don't *feel* like I'm getting a lot done.

In ceramics, I'm mostly focused on a couple of custom orders. I've also worked up some testers of the coconut mug for the Coconut Cream HaldeCrate (so! cute! y'all!!!). And I've released the first three camper planters (why do I always type "camplers"???)... although for as much as people went nuts when I showed them unpainted, and the silence since listing them Monday... maybe I should have just glazed them solid white?

In soap, I had a small update last week, and a small update this week, and I think I have enough almost for a small update for next week....! The sample sets, the guest sized sets, are running low and I feel the need to start working on them, but also they only sell really well close to Christmas... so I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself to knock them out. I also want to do a couple more, though - I have herbal and earthy, and I'd like to do one for woodsy, and one for masculine fragrances... but I also don't want to overlap. I'd like to be able to make samples that are all different - so that no sample set shares a fragrance. Does that make sense? So either I need to let that idea go, or I need to bring in a couple new fragrances.

In yarn, I'm working on a list of what I need to dye to get things restocked. Restocks will also mean that I can finish up the re-photographing and re-listing. I've temporarily taken all the handspun off the site until I can figure out how to re-format those listings.

In everything else....? What is everything else? I'm chatting with my tattoo artist for the next thing I want to get; I have an appointment at the end of the month. ..... My husband's parents just came down and are staying with Ranger Amy and family, and they all came over to visit over the weekend - it's always great to have a house full of people. ..... I'm planning a trip up to Iowa in October; well, my aunt is planning it, and I'm going with her and my uncle to a convention they started years and years ago and they still go to. While there, we're going to visit the library at the University of Iowa, as they are looking like the place that will receive my father and uncle's papers and manuscripts. They're working on a darn fine science fiction collection and I hope this goes through because what they're doing is really amazing. ..... Is that all that's going on with me? I feel like there's a hundred things I want to blog about, when I have the time. But I suppose I'd best wrap this up so I can get to work.

What about y'all? What are you working on this week? How's your to-do list?

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