Works-in-Progress Wednesday (06/05/19)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (06/05/19)

Well, I was right; yesterday's power outage did hose my kiln firing... so one thing I'll be working on this week is re-making all of those custom orders and restocks. Yay!

Oh! And it looks like I also forgot to put together a WiP graphic, so clearly I am batting a thousand this week.

In ceramics, I was looking forward to sending out a lot of custom orders today, but, accidents happen, and ceramics is a life-long lesson to me in patience, so I'll be starting those over. I also need to make a new sample mug for the Cats and Dogs HaldeCrate, because there was a kiln accident (explosion) and I need to make another. I'm really excited about this crate - I love the rolling pin I found and I can't wait to make ALL THE THINGS.

In soap, not much is happening. I have a stack of soap to wrap that I haven't had time to work on, but as soon as I can get it all wrapped up I'll have a bunch of restocks and then I'll start on a list of more restocks. And it's only June but I'm already starting to think about soap to make for Fiber-In, in September (where I'll have a Special Guest Star hanging out and helping me!).

In yarn, I'm getting ready to make a base yarn order this week, because I have the new HaldeCrate yarn and there's an old club colorway I want to bring in as well. And I have a few restocks waiting to be rewound and added back into stock.

Well, that's about it for me right now. Later today I'm going into Gainesville to hang out with a friend and see the new Elton John biopic - it's at one of those newfangled theaters where you choose your seats when you order your ticket and it's got recliners and fancy stuff like that. I know, right?! The rest of you have been going to theaters like this for years, it's about time I got around to one, right?! This is what I guess, I suppose, for only going to maybe one movie a year (last movie I saw in a theater, I think, was the Winchester haunted house movie with Helen Mirren.... which was terrible, except for Helen Mirren).

What about y'all? How's your week going? What are you working on? Hobbies? Home renovations? New pets? Tell me what's going on in your lives!

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