Works-in-Progress Wednesday (06/13/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (06/13/18)

What are y'all working on this week?

In ceramics... I'm was working on glazing and firing the last of the Coconut Cream HaldeCrate ceramics... but I just pulled them out of the kiln and they're fabulous! So now I'm going to start wrapping and packing them!

In soap... I have about four more bars of Coconut Cream soap to wrap... and I redid the labels for my lotion and lip balm, and am going to be trying out the new look on the Coconut Cream soap set.

In yarn... I've finished winding and labeling all of the Coconut Cream yarn, so now it's all ready to go.

Are you sensing a theme.....? ;-)

I do have a few other things going on. Some ceramic custom orders (sorry, Heath! You're my favorite, I promise! That's why your stuff is always last! You're not family when I *do* make something for you... you're family when I *don't*.). Some camper planters I need to finish painting now that the Coconut Cream Crate is done. A belated "whoopsy" egg tray needs to get into the kiln (sorry, Brenda! You're my second favorite!). ... ... ... I need to make a list of soap to be restocked, and also make the July soap for the people in the Year of Soap. ... ... ... I have a small pile of yarn restocks - mostly Dorian Gray and Red Red Wine - that need to be rewound and labeled. And I have a small list of other restocks to be dyed. ... ... ... I'm trying to design and knit a pair of socks in a new yarn, Nagata, and I should have just maybe stuck to stockinette or something because I've ripped them out and restarted three or four times now. Ugh. ... ... ... Oh! And I've listed two new base yarns for testing purposes; Nagata and Pini. I'm hoping to list Carolyn by Friday, and Jemison early next week.

Anyway. That's me. What about you? What are you working on this week?

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