Works-in-Progress Wednesday (07/19/17)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (07/19/17)

What are y'all working on this week? Towards the end of last week I did what's called a Rapid Log in my bullet journal, taking a page (OK; maybe two) and writing down everything I needed to remember to do that wasn't already written down in my journal, and things that were half-finished when I switched notebooks at the end of last month, and things that were just occurring to me that needed to be written down to do later that I didn't want to forget. Then I started picking things off that list and doing them. Those things are taking priority over what I had planned to work on this week, but you have to do what you have to do, right?!

In ceramics, I have set aside the unfinished buttons to whip up the July mug (they should be done by Friday). That's about it on my ceramics list for the week, other than getting started on some custom orders (and really needing to start the August mug).

In soap, I'm getting ready to mail out the July subscription soap, and I just finished wrapping some restocks, so I'll have those listed by the weekend.

In yarn, I'm casting on a test knit in upcoming colorway Salted Caramel (to be released next week) and I've just mailed out the July club yarn... that was the last in this round, so now my mind is looking towards the next round and which artists I'll use for inspiration (I can't lie, all this research is giving me way too many ideas for entire clubs inspired by specific artists).

In other things... blacksmithing is going well, of course! Open Forge is tonight and I think I'm going to make a couple more plant hangers. Did I ever show the last one off, that I'm so happy with? I'll have to check that I did that. I'm planning some Fall shows and am lining up a helper for Big Bang Bazaar (Orlando, Saturday August 26th) and the Florida Fiber-In (also Orlando, Friday September 15th - Sunday September 17th). And I'm planning a quick drive up to South Bend, Indiana between those two shows -- my father-in-law, whom you may remember is a blacksmith, found a good anvil for me so I'm going to go up and get it! Then I'm also planning a week-long Disney vacation around my birthday weekend. My birthday is also my Aunt's birthday, and while we used to celebrate together when I was young, for almost 25 years she and my uncle worked at MIT in the Fall and we couldn't get together... they've both retired now, so all four of us are going to Walt Disney World for our birthday. The last week I've almost felt more like a travel agent than a business owner, hahahaha!

So that's about it for me... what about y'all? What are you working on this week? What's setting your heart on fire (or what do you wish you could set on fire)?

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