Works-in-Progress Wednesday (07/25/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (07/25/18)

A lot of my online work this week has been inched out here and there, squeezed in between moments when the clouds and rains are not so heavy that our satellite internet just ... gives up and goes down for a nap, poor thing. If you're not familiar with satellite internet, one of the largest complaints (other than the data cap) is that bad weather can shut down your access. And if there's one thing we've been having a lot of the last week or two... it's bad weather! I'm about ready to build an ark! I shouldn't complain, though, because the daily afternoon thunderstorms do cool things off by a few degrees, so we're not quite as surface-of-the-sun as we could be.

Anyway! Let's get on to what's going on at HaldeCraft Headquarters this week!

In ceramics, I'm fussing with decals. I really want these My Favorite Murder mugs and yarn bowls to be awesome, but as usual, the decals and the kiln are ganging up on me. Most of the mugs are fine, but the yarn bowls are definitely going to have to go back in for a second firing. I'm also in a glazing frenzy for HaldeCrate, and loving so many deep rich colors staring back at me when I open the kiln.

In soap, I'm a little behind. The graphics program I've been using for eight or so years suddenly decided that printing was a thing it was no longer interested in doing... which makes it hard to print out soap labels. I tried changing the graphic to a PDF and printing from a different program, but no matter how high a DPI I saved it as, the printing came out fuzzy and you couldn't read the smallest print. So. No labels means no soap restock this week, I'm afraid.

In yarn, I've spent all week dyeing up pre-orders for Midnight Garden, and again... I'm loving being surrounded by such rich, deep colors! And shout-out to my friend Susan, who came over last week and did some yarn winding for me while I got bonus glazing done. I get by with a little help from my friends!

In HaldeCrate, I'm working on Midnight Garden, a little bit every day. Lotion and lip balms are made, but again, issues with printing have kept me from printing out all the labels... I just got that problem resolved late yesterday, though, so I'll be able to wrap those up soon. And I'm about to announce the theme for the October Crate...! I feel like it's a million years off in the future but I just realized when working on my Ravelry ads yesterday that ... I need to announce that theme in six days. Hellloooo, brainstorm!

In other things... well, the clouds are starting to roll in, so I don't know how much longer today I'm going to have Internet access. So I'll cut this short, and hit post!

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