Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/02/17)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/02/17)

 Y'all came really close to getting a picture of me trying to wade through 226 unread emails to find the three I need to answer this week! I mean, I am working on some things in the studio, but it's one of those weeks where I'm not sure if my pictures really accurately reflect what I'm working on.


 In ceramics, I'm working on both the August and September mugs (August will be a little late, like July was... September should be back on time!). I've also finally had time and space to start working on the Sharon collection, and that chocolate clay is an absolute dream. For some reason I feel as if it's messier than regular clay, though... maybe because it shows up so much more on the floor when I spill the slurry.....? Heh. I'm also working on a couple of custom orders... and my friend Karen came out over the weekend and taught me how to replace the elements in my kiln. So that was exciting!

 In soap, I'm making some restocks, and also plotting out some limited edition bars wherein I'll use up some sample fragrances sent to me by distributors. I'll probably release one fragrance a month over the next few months... I'm just trying to decide if I want one listing for all of them (like I do the mugs) or separate listings.

 In yarn, I have a couple of stray restocks I discovered, that need to be wound and listed... and other than that not much is going on other than Deep Thinking about the next round of club. I'm pretty sure I've settled on Monet as one of the artists, and I'd like to do van Gogh.... but I'm also thinking I like so much of his art that maybe I should hold off on him and do a round where all three colors are inspired by him.

 I'm also ridiculously happy with the sock I'm knitting in Weathered Wood. It's making me fall in love with that color all over again, and making me excited to maybe pick up the sweater I've had in a bag for a couple of years, and knock out those sleeves!

 In other things... what else is going on? I have Open Forge tonight, so I will be working on that yarn display rack I have an idea for. I also have an idea for a mug tree that is literally a tree - mugs would hang off the branches - but I can't let myself get sidetracked because I want four yarn displays and about 16 s-hooks done by Fiber-In! No pressure, self!

 Part of me feels like I have squandered the slow part of the year. I have my first craft show of the season in a little over three weeks; a few days after I get back from that my sister-in-law, Ranger Amy, and I and her two kids are driving up to her parents' house in South Bend to give them a visit with the grandkids and to get me my very own anvil; the week after we get back from that I'll be doing Florida Fiber-In; three weeks after that I'm taking a week-long vacation with my aunt and uncle (and That Poor Man, of course) and we're going to Walt Disney World for my and my aunt's birthdays; the following weekend is a science fiction convention with good friends; and then we're into November and the rush of the season! In there I need to dye yarn club, finish the Sharon collection, and make enough stock for at least three craft shows. Yes, indeed, part of me feels like I've been slacking and should have been working harder the last few months. On the other hand, I feel well-rested and ready for the Fall, so, there is that!

 Anyway! Enough about me! What about you? What are you working on this week? What do you have on your plate that you're trying to finish or at least make progress with?

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