Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/10/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/10/16)

What are you working on this week? I have upcoming-vacation brain, but am managing to get a few things done...


In ceramics, I've thrown and fired a few mugs to replace the wonky mugs from last week's firing, to take with me to the Big Bang Bazaar in just... two and a half weeks! Eeep!

In soap, I'm still wrapping - here and there as I have time - all the soap I made the other week. So much soap! Some of it is for Halloween, and some is for the Florida Fiber-in in September. I'll start showing everything off after I get everything wrapped!

In yarn, I'm gearing up to release Blue Jean (next Friday, the 19th!), as I'm happy with how it's working up. And I'm planning yarn club (spots are open for three more weeks). I've got two colors decided on (although I do need to test dye them) but the third color is really being elusive. Gold is a common color in folk and fairy tales; blonde hair, things made of gold, gold pieces, things turned into gold... but with a couple of permanent colorways in the shop (and, sly hint, one on the way) that are in the yellow family, I really want to steer away from gold in this club.

In other things, I'll be taking a surprise vacation weekend this week! It's our 13th wedding anniversary (technically yesterday) and we are going to go spend it at Walt Disney World. We haven't been in five years, and we used to go 2-to-3 times a year... we've definitely missed it and it's time, past time, to go back. How will that affect HaldeCraft? Anything ordered between Friday and Monday will ship out Tuesday, August 16th. I'll have my laptop with me and will email you to remind you about this, if you place an order for anything but yarn club, and if it's a hardship to wait until Tuesday I can definitely cancel and refund orders. Also, I might not be very prompt in answering questions on places like Facebook and G+, but bear with me!

That's it, that's my week! In between work moments I've been trying to find and organize all my old Disney photos, and it's definitely giving me Mouse Brain. Have a great rest of your week, y'all. See ya real soon!

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