Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/16/17)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/16/17)

What are you working on this week? I'm feeling more excited and motivated by ideas than I have in a while -- whether that's because summer is almost over, or I'm gearing up for some craft shows, or I'm just feeling a sudden creative and motivational spark, I'm not sure... but I'm loving whatever it is!

In ceramics, I'm working on both the August mugs (late) and the September mugs (early). I may actually wind up switching them, because I've had a lot of interest in the September mugs already, and I'm going to be travelling the week I was planning to release them which means that they wouldn't be able to ship out until I get home. So I might switch.... we'll see in a couple of days! I'm also working on The Sharon Collection; I'll have a few pieces to take with me to the Big Bang Bazaar the week after next. And I'm planning some other limited-run pieces to take with me to upcoming Fall shows. I'm firing the kiln about every other day this week so expect lots of finished things pictures soon!

In soap, I'm getting ready to mail out the August subscription service, and I've started making Halloween soap sets, and some other Fall-related sets. I have a few fragrances still on order so I don't want to get everyone too excited about what I'm doing for another couple of weeks... but let's just say this Fall will see the return of some great limited soapies! And I'm going to start a limited monthly soap, wherein I test out different fragrances that I may or may not bring in as regular fragrances... whenever I place an order, the companies always send little testers, and it's enough to make just five or six soaps. I've been sitting on these for a while wondering what to do with them, and just making limited runs seems to be the way to go. Expect the first of those to hit the shelves tomorrow!

In yarn, I've finished my Salted Caramel socks (picture coming Friday) and I'm getting ready to cast on with The 70s Have Called. I'm also almost done with my Weathered Wood socks, and that means getting back to that sweater I never finished a couple of years ago. I took it out of the bag for the first time in a while, and was disappointed to see I wasn't nearly as far along as I thought. I may need some more motivation with that.

In other things, two weeks from today I leave to drive to South Bend to get my anvil! My very own anvil! I'm not ready to drop out of Open Forge or anything, believe me, I still need someone around me who knows more than I do! But it sounds like That Poor Man's dad, a blacksmith, has some tools and toys to pass on to me so I'm excited to get started stocking my own little forge area out here.

The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy; I have a show in Orlando on August 26th (Big Bang Bazaar), then Ranger Amy and I leave on the 30th to drive to South Bend, and we'll be back around September 6th. Then the Florida Fiber-In is September 15th-17th so I'll be back in Orlando for that. Somewhere in there I need to order base yarn for club, dye at least the September yarn, and get it mailed out. I will try not to be TOO scatterbrained over the next month, but I'd appreciate gentle reminders if I'm supposed to be doing something for you and you don't hear from me about it for a while. Email is best!

So that's it for me right now. What about y'all? What are you working on this week? What are you crossing off your list (or feeling like you're not making any headway on at all)? What are you gearing up for? What are you looking forward to as summer winds down?

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