Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/31/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (08/31/16)

Today, specifically, I'm working on braving the rain from Tropical Depression Nine and meeting my sister-in-law in Gainesville and spending the day with her while her car is in the shop (hence such an early morning post). But I have a lot going on this week as well!


In ceramics, I'm busy photographing and writing listings for all that new stuff that I made for the Big Bang Bazaar so that I can get it listed on the website, and I'm busy making a few more new things for the Florida Fiber-In in a couple of weeks. I was hoping to have the new Fairy Doors and the Biohazard mugs up by the end of the week, but depending on what happens with the weather (if we lose power for a couple of days, for example) I might not get things up until the weekend or even early next week.

In soap, I've got a small wholesale order for a yarn shop in Wyoming (they've carried my soap for a while, and just placed an order for more) and I had three "Ten for $50" soap orders come in at the same time so I'm working on those as well. My studio smells so good right now, y'all! I'm also working on some restocks of some of my newer soaps, Goblin King and Trickster Fox (I was telling a friend this last weekend that I was THISCLOSE to calling this fragrance "That One Boyfriend", hahahaha), and I'm getting ready to bring in a third new masculine scent, Trickster Coyote. And I'm getting ready to bring in five or six fragrances in, in the Yarn and Knitting Needle design - I'll debut those at Fiber-In, and bring them into the shop after that.

In yarn, I'm about to move the soap pots off the counter, clean it up, and get ready to start dyeing yarn club... and a few restocks... and I finally got some new fiber base (long story) and I want to dye some of that up both for Fiber-In and for the shop... and I'm going to dye up a new limited edition colorway that y'all have been watching me test, called Weathered Pink. I was hoping to have that ready before Fiber-In, but the soap has kept me so busy that it might not be ready until after that. I'll keep you posted!

In knitting, well, I'm working on those test handwarmers in Weathered Pink! I mentioned that I'm using a sock pattern I know well, so I can crank them out faster, and many of you have said you like it. If you'd like to look it up, it's "Kaiso" by Judy Sumner, from Knitted Socks East and West. It's a great little pattern, good for both solid and variegated yarns, and easily adaptable to different sizes.

That's about it for me this week. What about y'all? What are you working on this week?

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