Works-in-Progress Wednesday (09/05/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (09/05/18)

The week so busy I didn't have time to put a graphic together for my blog post! OK; maybe not as busy as all that, but Monday holidays always throw me off a bit.

In ceramics, I have a lot going on, thanks to a sudden obsession with trying to get the *perfect* knit texture on ceramics. I've long been happy with the crocheted doilies Marie makes for me, but I have wanted something knit, preferably without me taking the time to do the knitting because I am lazy (did I just hear a bunch of you laughing? You're right; I'm not lazy, I just have to choose my projects and if something is out there already that I can use, I'd like to use it).

I know I mentioned my Shop Elf the other day; the Shop Elf Shenanigans section of the shop (say THAT five times fast) will be open by the end of this month and will include inclusive magnets of all kinds, and maybe other doodads and awesome widgets.

Also in ceramics, I'm so, so, so ridiculously excited about the October HaldeCrate. I should have examples of everything by this time next week.

In soap, I've gotten the soap ready for the Florida Fiber-In; usually I take stuff out of stock for that, but this time I saved some things I'd made extras of all year, and made a few favorites, and Bam! My soap display is already full!

In yarn, I've gotten the new Nagata base yarn in but haven't had time to dye things up yet (other than two skeins of an old club colorway coming into the shop by the end of the month). Thanks to an accident in the dye pots, also, I do have some One Hit Wonders that I'll be bringing to Fiber-In with me (they'll go up online after, if any make it back home). The picture above is Nagata vs. Pini in both Cranberries and Weathered Wood. At this point in time, since everyone pretty unanimously voted for Nagata and Pini hasn't really been asked about, I don't have plans to bring Pini in as a regular offering (you can still find what I do have, here).

In other things...let's see. The usual boring behind the scenes stuff (anyone want a five-minute video of me doing data entry into an inventory and bookeeping system? Anyone? Anyone?)

I feel like I mention the Florida Fiber-In about every other social media post - I'm just so excited, since it's one of my favorite events, and last year had that dang hurricane cancellation. But I'm gearing up for that, and am so, so very excited about what I'm bringing, and who else will be at the event!


Then there's the Saga of The House What Was Hard to Sell. I know I haven't really mentioned it much, if at all. The Readers Digest Condensed Version is that we finally put the Gainesville house on the market... it was there for two days and we had a bidding war... we went with the highest bidder, who almost immediately dropped out... and now we're on... I don't even remember. Buyer #4? Who was really the first buyer interested, but lowballed us? I don't even know any more. All I care about is that the fifteen things a day that need to be signed can thank goodness be done online, because if I had to drive 45 minutes every time a piece of paper needed to be signed I would lose my ever-lovin' mind. I think that's about it right now... what about y'all? What are you working on? How's your week shaping up? Do tell!
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