Works-In-Progress Wednesday (09/28/16)

Works-In-Progress Wednesday (09/28/16)

What are you working on this week? I thought I wasn't really doing much until I went to go work on this post...


In ceramics, there's not much making going on this week - which is stressing me out, because I have a custom order that needs to get into the kiln, but I don't yet have enough glazed to fire the kiln. Mostly what I'm working on with ceramics this week is a small office organization... when we moved in a year ago one of the things I needed right away, and it's always been superseded by other things, is a set of what I call "finished object" shelves. A set of shelves in my office on which I can store finished ceramics; they had been taking up space on my greenware and bisque shelves and I keep going through and packing stuff into boxes (and trying to label it well) because now that I'm sharing studio space, I need the room for Cetty. But the other day when it took me almost half an hour to find a piece someone had bought, and I was THISCLOSE to emailing them and telling them I couldn't find it and would have to make another, I said that enough is enough. When I bought my craft show tent a couple of years ago, the woman also sold me her shelves... and I've only ever used them once because they're hella unwieldy. So now I'm re-purposing them as ceramic shelves, the best I can, and putting some of my work up where (a) I can see it and (b) I can FIND it and (c) when people come for an open house they can browse if they'd like.

In soap, I listed the Halloween guest set over the weekend, and y'all, for the first time ever, it sold out in hours! I feel your pain if you weren't able to get a set, but unfortunately I'm not going to have time to make more before Halloween. I will make them again next year, PLUS, I'm in the process of making four more seasonal guest sets right now -- two for Thanksgiving, and two for Christmas/Winter Holidays. So there will be more amazing guest sets coming soon! I'm also working on some small restocks this week, and a couple of custom orders for soap. My studio smells pretty good this week, y'all!

In yarn, I listed Weathered Pink and like the Halloween soaps, it almost sold out within a day! I believe that as I write this I have two skeins left; one of Joy and one of Tepper. I asked on social media... what is it about that color? Was it the pink? The gray? And your feedback gave me some ideas for next year. I wanted to do at least three limited edition colorways (spoiler, one of them will be a limited return of former Hanks Yarn & Fiber colorway, When Doves Cry) and the things you said about what attracted you to Weathered Pink gave me ideas for the other two colors. The only other thing I'm doing in yarn this week is winding the next club colorway....! I'd like to find time to dye some restocks of Blue Jean, but it looks like it's either that or glazing bisque, and like I said above, I really need to get the kiln fired... so glazing it is.

I'm also working on some limited edition Halloween stitch markers! I'll have five different charms, each with either rings or lobster claws. I'm hoping to get those listed by tomorrow, Thursday - follow me on G+, Facebook, or Instagram to know when those come out!

Lastly, the kiln shed is so close to being done, y'all. Tim and his uncle got the trusses up this weekend, and in the evenings after work Tim has been working on bolting the last things together. Then all that's left (I think) is to get the tin roof up, and then move the kilns! It's been a long few months, that's for sure. Tim's actually looking forward to getting back to renovating our old house (remember that job, that still isn't finished? Sigh... That Poor Man needs to be three people).

That's about it for me. What about y'all? What are you working on this week? What's going on in your lives?

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