Works-in-Progress Wednesday (10/12/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (10/12/16)

I'd say I can't believe it's almost the middle of October already, but I got some birthday presents yesterday, so it must be! In addition to celebrating my birthday this week (it was yesterday), here's what else I'm doing...


The only time I've had for ceramics this week was glazing a few small things to test out in my new wee kiln. I bought a smaller kiln that will fit just a couple of pieces, so that I could test out some pieces without having to fill the big kiln to do it, I can do test tiles on glazes (again, without having to make enough to fill the big kiln to do it) and I can have a faster turnaround time on custom orders. I've test-fired the kiln with just a cone and some furniture, and today I'm going to test-fire some glazed pieces. Knock on wood!

In soap, I'm wrapping two sets of Thanksgiving-themed soap (I'll list them next week, after the hullabaloo from the open house dies down), and I'm wrapping restocks of both the Earthy and the Herbal guest soap sets (mild change in the Earthy one -- Amber Patchouli is being switched out for Patchouli -- I have two sets left of the original lineup and anything after that will have Patchouli instead of Amber Patchouli). I'm also working on some freebie soaps to send to Big Bang Bazaar (Saturday, December 17th, at the Sanford Civic Center) for inclusion into the Swag Bags they hand out to the first 100 people in line for the event! I've also got some restocks of full-sized bars coming soon.

In yarn, earlier this week I listed the new permanent colorway, Golden Years, and also restocked Blue Jean. Now I'm busy bagging up October Yarn Club. International went in the mail yesterday, and Domestic will go out Monday (I'd like to say I'd be able to get it out Friday but with the Open House on Saturday, my hands are pretty full getting the studio ready and I won't have time to address and weigh everything). Side note, if you're coming to my Open House, you can pick up your club yarn then!

Oh, and I forgot to mention... we're almost done with the kiln shed. It will definitely be finished by Saturday, although we won't have time to rebuild the wood-fire kiln yet.

That's me, that's my week... what are y'all working on?

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