Works-in-Progress Wednesday (10/18/17)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (10/18/17)

What are you working on this week? I'm rested and relaxed after an amazing vacation, but have more on my mind thinking-wise than I am getting actual work done.

In ceramics, I'm thinking about the Mug of the Month. I sort of feel like I've gotten out of it what I wanted (testing shapes, colors, designs) but there are still two months left and... I'm out of handbuilding and throwing ideas. All I have are slipcasting ideas! So I think I'm going to switch to slipcasting these last two (also a timesaver, what with the holidays coming up). I have some designs in mind and can't wait to share them.

In soap, I had made a small restock last week right before going on vacation, but then sold most of that and a lot more while I was gone... so I'm making a list of soaps to be restocked as soon as I can! I also still have a few Halloween soaps available - skulls and a couple of guest sets - and I'm getting ready to wrap acorns and maple leaves.

In yarn, I just got October yarn club out the door, and need to wind November's yarn. I need to take a look at what I need to restock, and... I'm thinking up some plans for next year.... sock blanks, anyone? And a couple of popular club colorways making their debuts as regularly stocked colors....?

In other things.... what else is going on? As I said above, I'm starting to make plans for 2018; this is the time of year when I take stock of what I wanted to accomplish in the year, how I did, what I still have to do, what I need to give up on and what worked or didn't. Putting all that together and then taking a look towards the next year, and what I'd like to do more of, less of, and differently. Whew! I'm also thinking about the Holidays, and if I want to run a Holiday/Christmas sale this year. I don't usually do anything special.... so of course I'm thinking of going all out, maybe a "25 Days of Christmas" sale where I do something different (items on sale, shop-wide discounts, etc.) every day.

That's about it for me this week. Like I said; mostly thinking. How do you take a picture of that and talk about it?! So, what about y'all? What are you working on this week? What's on your lists of things to do?

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