Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/02/16)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/02/16)

Whoa, y'all! It's November! I feel like I was just in a last-minute panic about finding Christmas gifts for my family (that weren't things I made) and now it's time to go through all that again! Meanwhile, though, let's just think about this week....


In ceramics, I've fired the small kiln a couple of times, and the big kiln once, in the last week... and had varied results. I'm happy with most of what's come out but the things I'm not happy with... I'm *really* not happy with. Some things are going to get reglazed and put back in, for sure. I'm also carving out some time to throw, which is great because (a) I've missed it and (b) I just got about 50 new glazes and I'm itching to play with them. And I'm not even exagerating... there's a lot of new colors coming soon.

In soap I am wrapping things I made last week, getting ready for a small update, and also wrapping the restock Earthy guest soap set that I made about a month ago and still haven't had time to wrap. So many guest sets right now! Did you see my two Thanksgiving ones? And I'm working on a Christmas one, and a Winter Holiday one. Perfect for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or to spread around your own house when lots of guests are coming.

In yarn I am winding the last of November club yarn (the next round of club is now open, by the way; I'll write a post about the theme after I mail out what I'm winding now) and getting ready to dye yarn next week. I'm also taking a small vacation next week, so I hope I can get everything that I want, dyed. Oh! And I'm having a sale on base yarns Emma and Windling. Poor Emma, I love her and have made many things with her Alpaca-and-silk goodness, but she was never that popular, so I'm retiring her. And my distributor no longer makes/carries Windling, so I might as well retire her since I can't restock her once she sells out. (Sad knitter is sad.)

In some behind-the-scenes whispers, I may be getting ready to change the look of my online shop soon. If there's anything you've found super-great or super-annoying about my current look, feel free to drop me a line (or post here) and let me know what those things are, so I can get an idea of what to keep and/or what to change/fix!

Lastly, here's some craft show news! I got accepted again at GLAM this year, so put Sunday, December 4th on your calendars if you're in the area. Also/or put Saturday, December 17th on your schedule because I've also been accepted into the Big Bang Bazaar in Sanford that day. Hoooray, craft shows!

That's it for me this week (well, not really, because I have a lingering feeling I've forgotten to mention something). What about y'all? What are you working on this week?

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