Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/07/18)

Works-in-Progress Wednesday (11/07/18)

I've been sick the last couple of days but powering through anyway, and I woke up this morning feeling so much better... except for a migraine, ugh! That's just .... salt in the wound, ya know? But Imma not let that stop me, I have fun to have!


In ceramics, there's a lot going on. I just had a really good kiln firing with some new things in it that I'll be sprinkling into the shop over the next week. Then I've got a biiiiiiig ol' pile of bisque to start glazing things in preparation for GLAM and The Holidays. I'm working on some dragon mugs as well... a lot of you have said that you want them but only two people have actually weighed in on whether these should be a regular item, or just a restock of a limited item and no more made after this. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

In soap, I'm working on making a lot this week and next week, to restock and also get ready for the holidays. New fragrance Wood Sage & Sea Salt has been so popular I've already sold out of it twice! I'm making more, though, today, so I won't be out for long.

In yarn, there's not a lot going on. I need to make a list of needed restocks, and still need to figure out what to do with the spinning fiber, but that's about it for yarn this week.

In knitting, I have NOT started knitting a poncho, because ponchos are big commitments and I can barely finish a hat this year. If I HAD started knitting a poncho, it would be really awesome, but I have NOT, so I am just knitting something randomly in the round and throwing some increases in every couple of rows.

In Patreon, Chapter Three went up Sunday, and you guys, I wish I could turn around and put up Chapter Four this Sunday!

In other things... house cats are fine (other than the scabby/allergies that Moya has that refuse to resolve no matter what we change)... studio cats are fine... tortoises are fine... dogs are fine... I think everybody around here is fine! Other than getting over the plague! How about y'all? How are you doing this week? What are you up to?

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